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Tar-zhay Thursday “You Are What You(r lips) Eat” Did you know that the average women consumes seven pounds of lip product over her lifetime?  Lick your lips, and chances are you swallow lanolin (sheep oil), petroleum and mineral oil (from the same source as gasoline), and carmine (a red pigment from insect carcasses).  Gagging yet? […]

“What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2009 RTW Lets play a word association game.  What comes to mind when I say Ralph Lauren?  All-American.  Equestrian.  Romantic.  English Country.  Little House on the Prarie.  Polo-playing WASP’s.  the Old West.  So what does his heroine wear?  She is natural of course, with skin glowing and bronzed […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Nailing a Brilliant Idea” I have great ideas.  Creative. . . inspired. . . some would even say brilliant (okay, only my friend Kara says brilliant, and only because its her favorite word, but still).  Unfortunately, not every great idea out there is mine.  So for today’s Monday Minute Makeup Lesson, […]

Tar-zhay Thursday “Getting Cheeky” I am OBSESSED with creme blush.  When one of the lines I work for discontinued their creme blushes this fall, a little piece of my soul died.   Anyone who’s had a makeup lesson with me knows that cheek color is non-negotiable.  And a creme formula is better for dry skin, […]

“What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 RTW Runway math: 1948+1981=2009?  For the Fall/Winter collections, this equation sums up key trends.  The Gucci runway makeup look combines a classic 1940’s red lip (pin-up perfection) with an 80’s looking eye (very David Bowie).  Add them together, and we end up with something totally new to wear. […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Jeepers Peepers: Making Small Eyes Look Bigger” Writing a “Monday Minute Makeup Lesson” for eyes is stressing me out.  There are a bazillion different eye shapes, and almost as many ways to apply.  Recently I’ve seen lots of eye shadow kits that come with instructions; some with labels on each color […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson: “Awww, You’re Making Me Blush!” There is a reason for the phrase “blushing bride.”  Nothing is more beautiful then a glowing, rosy flush.  Want to do it right?  Choose a fluffy blush brush or kabuki brush (a real one, not the disposable ones) that has a size appropriate to the size […]

Tar-zhay Thursday Let’s make a deal:  would you rather have eight of something or one?  Well, unless you are like the actual contestants on that show (where do they find those people? oh, that’s right, Vegas) you probably find eight more enticing.  This theory is what makes pre-selected makeup palettes so attractive.  I don’t blame […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Circle Gets the Square: Choosing a Brow Shape” Eyebrows are like glasses;  they frame your face, and choosing the right shape is important to flatter your features.  How many do you try on before taking home a new pair of sunnies?  Well its time to spend at least as long pondering […]