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Lip gloss:  what’s not to love?  Its shiny, its moisturizing, it gives a sheer hint of color, and still shows your lips through.  So what’s my problem? My problem is that I. Talk. A. LOT.  I sometimes teach 8 hour makeup classes to students, blabbing the whole time.  I chat with models while I paint […]

“One, Two, Three. . . ” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson One, Two Three. . . it’s not only the new Britney song stuck in my head.  (Why is it so catchy? Get out of my brain!)  When it comes to eye makeup, three is a magic number as well.  In fact, remembering the rule of […]

“Aesthetics for All” Tar-zhay Thursday “Aesthete: (def.) one who deals with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.” I’m happy to wear the label of an aesthete.  It’s why my S&P shakers need to be pretty (Jonathan Adler), my paper towel holder matches my blender (Michael Graves for Target), and why […]

Tar-zhay Thursday “You Are What You(r lips) Eat” Did you know that the average women consumes seven pounds of lip product over her lifetime?  Lick your lips, and chances are you swallow lanolin (sheep oil), petroleum and mineral oil (from the same source as gasoline), and carmine (a red pigment from insect carcasses).  Gagging yet? […]

Tar-zhay Thursday “Getting Cheeky” I am OBSESSED with creme blush.  When one of the lines I work for discontinued their creme blushes this fall, a little piece of my soul died.   Anyone who’s had a makeup lesson with me knows that cheek color is non-negotiable.  And a creme formula is better for dry skin, […]

Tar-zhay Thursday Let’s make a deal:  would you rather have eight of something or one?  Well, unless you are like the actual contestants on that show (where do they find those people? oh, that’s right, Vegas) you probably find eight more enticing.  This theory is what makes pre-selected makeup palettes so attractive.  I don’t blame […]

“Tar-zhay” Thursday I’m not usually one to succumb to peer pressure.  Let me offer an example: I live in a town where it is not only acceptable, but common, to wear polar fleece Patagonia out for cocktails.  At the very same bar, I am most likely wearing a leopard print skirt and a peacock feather […]

Introducing Thursday’s Blog Topic: “Tar-zhay Thursday” Ahhhh the big red bulls-eye. . . it beckons us from the parking lot.  Yes, we may use an excuse, “I need to pick up a prescription. . . something for dinner. . . school supplies for the kids.”  But we all know that Target (or “Tar-zhay” as my […]