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“One, Two, Three. . . ” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson One, Two Three. . . it’s not only the new Britney song stuck in my head.  (Why is it so catchy? Get out of my brain!)  When it comes to eye makeup, three is a magic number as well.  In fact, remembering the rule of […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson The “I-Slept-Through-My-Alarm” Look We’ve all done it.  Maybe you accidently hit PM instead of AM.  Or maybe you are just a really deep sleeper.  Whatever the reason, sometimes you find yourself with somewhere to be and almost no time to get ready.  But just because you overslept, doesn’t mean you should […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Freaks and Geeks” Where do you hide holiday gifts in a modern, relatively-minimalist loft?  That was my conundrum last week when I came home smuggling a Santa’s sleigh full of gifts for my bf.  While searching under the bed for a hiding hole, I came across my middle-school yearbooks.  Oh the […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Nailing a Brilliant Idea” I have great ideas.  Creative. . . inspired. . . some would even say brilliant (okay, only my friend Kara says brilliant, and only because its her favorite word, but still).  Unfortunately, not every great idea out there is mine.  So for today’s Monday Minute Makeup Lesson, […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Jeepers Peepers: Making Small Eyes Look Bigger” Writing a “Monday Minute Makeup Lesson” for eyes is stressing me out.  There are a bazillion different eye shapes, and almost as many ways to apply.  Recently I’ve seen lots of eye shadow kits that come with instructions; some with labels on each color […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson: “Awww, You’re Making Me Blush!” There is a reason for the phrase “blushing bride.”  Nothing is more beautiful then a glowing, rosy flush.  Want to do it right?  Choose a fluffy blush brush or kabuki brush (a real one, not the disposable ones) that has a size appropriate to the size […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Circle Gets the Square: Choosing a Brow Shape” Eyebrows are like glasses;  they frame your face, and choosing the right shape is important to flatter your features.  How many do you try on before taking home a new pair of sunnies?  Well its time to spend at least as long pondering […]

Introducing Monday’s Blog Topic. . . Monday Minute Makeup Lesson Every Monday, the makeupbyjanine blog will post a little piece of (unsolicited) makeup advice.  These gems of wisdom are drawn from the consultations and lessons I do at salons, classes I’ve taught and attended, questions of clients and friends, and learned (painfully) from experience over the […]