Smoke Alarm

At the Critics Choice Awards, simple liner was a huge trend.  It is said that fashion swings from one extreme to another.  So true.  Here at the SAG Awards, celebs went for full-on smoky eyes.  While some (Mila and Julia) kept it subtle enough to look sexy and mysterious, others pushed the drama into crazy territory (Jennifer Lawrence and Diana Agron).

seen on Christina Hendricks, Diana Agron, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Stiles, Mila Kunis

Stars get Waist-ed

In a surprising trend, star after star hit the red carpet rocking a new accessory.  Not the borrowed diamonds and jewels, not the red-soled Louboutons.  This accessory was far more . . . utilitarian.  Yes, the humble belt took the SAG Awards by storm, wrapping the waists of nearly the entire Best Dressed list.

seen on Claire Danes, Ariel Winter, Mila Kunis, Lea Michele, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks, Diana Agron

It’s a White Out

Reversing the Black Swan trend seen at the CCMAs, white gowns popped up on the red carpet.  Nothing sparkles more or catches the camera like a shimmering white gown, as seen on Eva Longoria or Lea Michele.  Natalie Portman revealed her baby bump, Winona Rider dressed as a bride, and Amy Adams was wrapped like a mummy in a body-con Herve LeRoux.  Nice.

seen on Natalie Portman, Winona Rider, Lea Michele, Amy Adams, Eva Longoria

Test the Place for Prints

Finally.  This trend has been a loooooong time coming.  It’s not as if stars haven’t tried wearing prints on the red carpet before (ahem, Heidi Klum).  But it was only here or there, and mostly failed.  Then last year, Anna Paquin rocked this printed McQueen stunner at the SAGs and landed herself on the best dressed list.  Since then, I’ve had my fingers perma-crossed for a repeat appearance.  So fitting that Mila Kunis revived the trend this season with another McQueen.

Mila Kunis, Claire Danes, Julia Stiles, Hailee Steinfeld

Glee Hearts a Bright Lip

This trend will never get old to me.  If every celeb wore a bright lip to every event forever, I would still continue to blog how much I love it.  This magenta lip on Amber, sparkly ruby on Jenna, and classic red on Naya further fueled my passion.

seen on Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera (although not Glee cast members, also seen on Claire Danes and Betty White)

Laced up and Ready

Feminine, romantic, lady-like, and sweet: lace is not just for bridal gowns.  Nicole Kidman gave her lace some edge, using it to cover her nearly backless Nina Ricci gown.  January Jones wore her lace in black & gold, and managed to look demure and fashion forward all at once.  Slight controversy: as the poster girl for Versace, she turned up in Carolina Herrera at the SAGs.  She looked so good in the gown though, even Donatella can hardly fault her for it.

seen on Nicole Kidman, January Jones, Kim Kardashian

Keep it in the Salon, er… Bedroom?

Flip open a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, and you’ll see what I like to call “bedroom hair.”  The downstyled, sexy, touchable waves are the trademark of the VS Angels. . . and apparently now the red carpet!  This hairstyle was so ubiquitous that I can count on one hand the stars who didn’t wear it.  But will this casual hair trend continue to even the queen of all awards shows . . . the Oscars?

seen on everyone. . . including Hilary Swank, Mila Kunis, Lea Michele, Claire Danes, Rosario Dawson, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Hailee Steinfeld, Julia Stiles, Jayma Mays

Slit to here . . .

Va-va-va-voom.  January Jones took a lot of heat for her revealing Golden Globes Versace Gown.  But it seems many stars followed suit on tonight’s red carpet.  While some ladies chose a deep plunging neckline…

seen on Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria

. . . and Slit to there

. . . others chose to show a little leg.  The SAG Awards are always more playful than the Golden Globes, and less formal than the Oscars, so having fun with necklines & hemlines seems apropos.

seen on Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lawrence

Juicy Fruit, version 3

First of all, can we just talk about the fact that Tina Fey is on the red carpet in a color???  She typically appears in black, looking super uncomfortable & hiding behind her wit in interviews & speeches.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve got nothing against a funny lady.  But seriously, how GOOD does she LOOK?  She led another pack of fruit flavored gowns, following the trend of juicy fruit colors at the Golden Globes.

seen on Tina Fey, Julianna Marguilies, Hailee Steinfeld, Sarah Hyland, Jennifer Lawrence, Rosario Dawson

photos from

#1 Mila Kunis in Alexander McQueen

#2 Jennifer Lawrence in Oscar de la Renta

#3 Claire Danes in Louis Vuitton

#4 Hailee Steinfeld in Prada

#5 January Jones in Carolina Herrera

#6 Eva Longoria in Georges Hobeika

#7 Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta

#8 Julia Stiles in Monique Lhullier

all photos from

Today I received a completely day-making tweet. It was from USA Today (@USAtoday_style), informing me that one of my red carpet tweets was featured in the paper. Specifically, “We loved your SAG fashion tweets so much we put them on page 4 of the USA TODAY Life section!” Whoa. And sure enough, when I turned to pg. 4, there it was, under a photo of Claire Danes:

“Oh Claire Danes, how I adore you. Your Louis Vuitton dress is making my heart flutter. And your lipstick.” -makeupbyjanine

Okay, I know, its just a quote. Not like I wrote the article or anything. But it helps to reaffirm for me that doing what I love and feel passionately about is a good thing. Blogging about beauty and fashion makes me happy. Super cool to know others like it too. (and that way I can also justify to my fiance that watching 6 hours of awards show coverage is indeed “work”).

Here are the rest of my twitter musings from last night’s SAG Awards red carpet. . .

(they start with the end of the show, so go to the bottom of the page for the beginning of the red carpet)

There should be blotting papers at each table at the #SAGAwards #whyaretheysoshiny?

@evachen212 every time I see her brows (Natalie Portman) I’m amazed. Break every rule, but so wrong they are right. Only on her I think though, no?

Did Nat Port just get beeped? “my parents taught me never to be an a$$hole” … well it IS a good lesson #SAGAwards

right? RT “@evachen212: Amy Adams looks like a young, unfreakish Nicole Kidman… (that’s a good thing)”

Oh Claire Danes, how I adore you. Your Louis Vuitton printed dress is making my heart flutter. And your lipstick. #ignoringneedforpowder

What color is that on Rosario Dawson? Lemon? I kinda looooove it. #SAGAwards

Looking at Ernest Borgnine is like looking at the future of @justingelsinger’s eyebrows #SAGAwards

Mila in McQueen: my Best Dressed tonight

What do my hair stylist friends think of Natalie Portman’s hair? #onthefence #lovehaterelationship

agreed “@MNYInsider: Betty White gets my vote for Best lipcolor of the night. #SAGawards”

So confused about the twitter love for Angie Harmons dress. Seriously? It’s wack. #pinkswan #fail

*spits drink on iPad* “@derekblasberg: No really, they couldn’t have given Betty White a closer seat? Or a cane? Or a jazzy?”

Betty White! She’s so hot right now #zoolandervoice #SAGAWards

Did Amy Poelher buy her wig from a Real Housewife? What is happening here? #SAGAwards

Wait, I’m sorry, a new show with Zack Morris & Travis Birkenstock??? OMG, must call my sister… #fb

What was that super awkward moment with Steve Buschemi & the Mila Jovovich lookalike? #SAGAwards

I bet I would be 90% sexier with Sofa Vergaras accent #justsayin #SAGAwards

What color is Eva Longorias eye shadow? I can’t tell… Mint? aqua? Silver? #SAGAwards

That color is insane on Julianna Marguilies. Ponytail trend is owning it tonight. #SAGAwards

How cute is Betty White? I want to put her in my pocket. #SAGAwards

Love @kimkardashian’s @marchesa_fashion dress. Not used to seeing her with such minimal makeup. She’s super gorge like this #SAGAwards

Tina Fey!!! Don’t think I’ve ever seen her in color on the carpet. Red. Wowza. #SAGAwards #redcarpet

@makeupbyjanine Janine Schmenk
lmk if you find out… Love it! “@Gwen_UsBeauty: What lipstick is Claire Danes wearing?? Is it @stilacosmetics?”

Christina Hendricks has a super smoky eye too. Lots of ladies smoking it up tonight. #redcarpet #SAGAwards

The above-the-head camera angle was unfortunate on Amy Poehler. That hair looks flattened within an inch of it’s life. Love her regardless

Um, is Winona Ryder in a wedding gown? And why does she have a black mom purse with it? #whatshappeninghere? #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Amy. Adams. Please wear your hair in a pony like that every. day. Love it! #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Nicole Kidman in Nina Ricci. Loving her in this WAY better than at the #GoldenGlobes or #CCMA #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Yay for Nat Port. think she’s finally got the preggars-at-an-award show think right in her white Azzaro #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Belt trend: Mila, Jennifer, Claire… like this. #SAGAwards #redcarpet

@makeupbyjanine Janine Schmenk
Um, is it just me or did you think Lea Michele had more of a chest? I love the Kate Hudson thing going on w her dress though #SAGAwards

Claire Danes in a printed Louis Vuitton. That makes 3 prints. Trend it is! #SAGAwards #redcarpet

EVERYONE has their hair down tonight. Mila, Claire, Lea Michelle… The casual hair thing rocks. #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Ahhhhhhhh! I die for January Jones. She never fails to take a risk. That Carolina Herrera is so fab. #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Holy Eva Longoria. Looks draped like a Greek goddess. Is that like a putty color, would you say? She=phenom. #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Glimpse of Claire Danes hair… Wow. She’s got the January Jones globes thing going with her hair. So pretty #redcarpet #SAGAWards

julianna Marguilies “@BeautyBlitz: Is anyone wearing Pantone Honeysuckle anything? #SAGawards”

New trend spotted: the high leg slit. Cavalli on Sofia Vergara & Oscar on Jennifer Lawrence #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Omg, duh, it IS McQueen! Love her. Love love love Mila! #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Reminds me of all the McQueen on last years #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Mila Kunis in a print too. Prints are really risky on the #redcarpet & you know I support the risk takers #SAGAwards

me too! “@oldergirlbeauty: I am liking the Pony’s so much better than updos tonight. #SAG”

A Catherine Malandrino jumpsuit. Wow. Who is this Julie lady rockin it? #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Ooooooh! Spotted: Sofia Vergara in blue! That makes two… One more & I’ll have my sapphire trend, finally! #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Wow. Well Jennifer Lawrence is on my best dressed for sure. Killing it in that @Oscarprgirl! #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Kyra Sedgwick in vintage Thierry Mulger … Love her casual hair & a watch (strange for the #redcarpet but totally works) #SAGAwards

LOL! “@redcarpet: According to @HelloRoss the “baby bump is the new black” on the red carpet #SAGawards”

Jane Krakowski in sparkly one sleeve. With a shoulder pad AND a baby bump? Very on-trend! #SAGAwards #redcarpet

@makeupbyjanine Janine Schmenk
Love me some @chriscolfer!!! Dior? *snaps* #redcarpet #SAGAwards

I love when young girls have an Oscar moment! “@OscarPRGirl: jennifer lawrence in Oscar. so SO gorgeous. now that is a color #SAGAwards

Whoa. Diana Agron has a LOT of eye makeup on. Can’t see her dress. Is it blue? #redcarpet #SAGAwards

More fruity colors: Julianna Marguilies in raspberry YSL & modern family girl in tangerine Max Mara. #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Starrrrrrrving, but can’t eat & tweet simultaneously. The things I sacrifice for fashion #SAGAwards #fb

“@redcarpet: Get @GiulianaRancic’s look with our Live From the Red Carpet @Stilacosmetics collection:”

How is @OliviaWilde not first on the #redcarpet? She’s ALWAYS first. #impatienttoseeherdress #SAGAwards

Hail Steinfeld in rainbow Prada. Kinda looks like fruit stripe gum, no? Following my juicy fruit trend #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Best Dressed on the #goldenglobes #redcarpet

My review of the top trends on the #goldenglobes #redcarpet

What were the top trends on the #redcarpet during the #criticschoice #CCMA

Reviewing trends from the #criticschoice awards #redcarpet #SAGAwards

Wonder if hair will continue with buns & braids? Will we see sleeves, shoulders & sparkle again? #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Tonights trends? Will we see more emerald, pink & nude? Will tonight be all about blue? #SAGAwards #redcarpet

Made it home from todays photo shoot just in time for the SAG awards @redCarpet!!!

#1 Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive



#2 Emma Stone in Calvin Klein


#3 Olivia Wilde in Marchesa


#4 January Jones in Versace



#5 Julianne Moore in Lanvin



#6 Claire Danes in Calvin Klein



#7 Piper Perabo in Oscar de la Renta



#8 Jennifer Lawrence in Louis Vuitton


#9 Eva Longoria in Zac Posen


#10 Mila Kunis in Vera Wang



and bonus #11. . . Julia Stiles

all photos from Fabsugar

What do you think?  Who would you vote your number one?  Did I pick any dress you can’t stand?  Which celeb nailed the hair & makeup?  Let me know below. . .

Juicy Fruit

Christina Hendricks in tomato, Emma Stone in peach, Julianne Moore in raspberry, January Jones in apple, Sofia Vergara in cherry, Kyra Segwick in melon . . . these ladies should be on top of a Chiquita sombrero with all these juicy colors.  I adore this trend . . . and it was one I predicted with all the hope I could muster.  It’s so fresh & pretty to see women in shades of warm red.  Perhaps Pantone agrees with its 2011 Color of the Year?

Juicy Fruit 2: the Lipstain Version

Nothing is as effortless as a fruit stained lip.  It seems chic and almost child-like:  think kool-aid or popsicles.  Raspberry, pomegranate, cherry . . .  any flavor will last through the awards show with a pop of color.  So, no need to pull out your lip gloss during a commercial break.  Ahem, Angelina.

seen on Natalie Portman, January Jones, Mila Jovovitch, Anne Hathaway

Casual Friday

It seems my fashion friends on twitter are torn on this trend, but I, for one, am a fan.  I think its unexpected and fresh to pair a fabulous gown with casual hair.  Such a bohemian luxe attitude fits the mood of the Golden Globes perfectly.  You’ve gotta admit its an improvement to the Palin-esque french twists with 4 billion cans of hairspray.

seen on Sandra Bullock, Olivia Wilde, Anne Hathaway, Leighton Meester, Mandy Moore, Elisabeth Moss

In the Nude

Love. Love. Love. this trend.  It was a no-brainer to predict, as nude gowns were everywhere on the runways.  Some stars went almost beige or khaki, like Michelle Williams in Valentino, while others shimmered like a bottle of sparkling Prosecco (cue Dianna Agron).  Such a gorgeous way to show a little skin without revealing anything.

seen on Scarlett Johansson, Dianna Agron, Leighton Meester, Michelle Williams, Sandra Bullock, Dianna Agron, Carrie Underwood, Vanessa Williams, Mila Jovovitch


The New Modesty

I’m crediting (or blaming, depending how you feel) this trend to Mad Men.  Right now, being covered up feels very modern, very on-trend.  Whether its a high neckline or sheer overlay, stars left something to the imagination on the red carpet tonight.  And hallelujah, there were SLEEVES!  Look, I know I predicted this as a trend, but it was mostly wishful thinking based on my personal hatred of strapless dresses in my wedding gown search.  Those sleeves also left room for another mini-trend: Jane Fonda, Angelina & Anne Hathaway all rocked the defined shoulder.  Love it.

seen on Leighton Meester, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Annette Benning, Julianne Moore, Jane Fonda, Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Michelle Williams

Pepto Pink

I’m not going to hate on Molly Ringwald.  I loved Pretty in Pink.  If I was a celeb I may try to have a Malibu Barbie moment too.  I’ll admit it.  I only hope that in that occasion I would sport the bubblegum like Claire Danes, and not so much like… um… everyone else.

seen on Claire Danes, Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman, Julianna Marguilies, Megan Fox

Emerald City

I know, I know, I said sapphire in my predictions.  But emerald is just one jewel tone away, right?  In the midst of the usual metallic, nude, and black gowns, these “jaded” ladies look confidently, uniquely chic.  Here’s to going green!

seen on Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan, Catherine Zeta-Jones in Monique Lhullier, Mila Kunis in Vera Wang, Angelina Jolie in Versace

Baby Got Back

The “golden globes” stayed covered up in 2011, perhaps after all the jokes made last year at the expense of Mariah Carey’s plunging neckline.  But turn them around, and the ladies were more than ready to show a little skin.  From the nape of their necks to their waistlines, celebs flaunted the body part du jour, a toned back.  (photo JustJared)

seen on Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Emma Stone


Orange You Glad You Brought Your Lipstick?

Okay, yes, that pun was bad, but this trend is soooooooo good.  Oranges of all shades have pretty much ruled fashion, and makeup is no exception.  A red-orange kisser for Christina Hendricks?  A coral pout on Michelle Williams?  Yes, please!  Notice the lack of shine on these lovely lips.  Remember when I told you to ditch your gloss, and predicted the stars would leave the sticky stuff at home too?  This trend has been a long time coming, and I for one am ready to kiss my gloss goodbye (I know, *groan* bad pun again).

seen on Michelle Williams, Christina Hendricks, Mila Kunis

all photos from Fabsugar

Thoughts?  Would you try any of these trends?  Which do you like the most?

I can hardly believe it . . . its my favorite day of the year: the Golden Globes!!!
In case you missed it, I’ve been tweeting all morning about my Golden Globes predictions.  No, not who will win, I’m focused on the important stuff.  What will they wear???
I hope you’ll watch with me, and tweet along!  Red carpet coverage starts on E! at 3pm.  Follow me on twitter @makeupbyjanine
Friday’s 2011 #ccma best dressed #redcarpet review #GG #fb
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Eye makeup trends: black liner, minimalist, metallic, lower lash line emphasis #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG #fb
Lip trends: stain, tinted balm, no gloss, fruity colors (raspberry, tangerine, watermelon) #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG#fb
Makeup trends (complexion): minimalist makeup, pale skin, flushed cheeks #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG #fb
Hair trends: braids, slicked back, bun on top of head, side part, shine, crimped texture #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG#fb
Jewelry trends: mixed metallics, stacked bracelets, cuffs,cocktail rings, tangled chains #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG#fb
Shoe trends: nude, nude, and more nude #redcarpet #goldenglobes#predictions #GG #fb
Fashion trends: ruffles, pleating, draping, metallic, sparkle, high necklines, sleeves #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG #fb
Color trends: raspberry/watermelon, sapphire blue, grey, nude, mauve, gold #redcarpet #goldenglobes #predictions #GG #fb
Kay, gotta charge my iPad before the red carpet starts… So final predictions coming up #GG #fb
mine too “@MissMashaGordon I ♡ Golden Globe Sunday! Can’t wait to see what everyone is wearing! My favorite award show of the award season
The new PYT pique my curiosity. What will Jennifer Lawrence & Hailee Steinfeld wear? Im thinking a young designer like @prabalgurung #GG #fb
Emma Stone was my best dressed at the #ccma in metallic … Tonight I’m loving more texture for her… ruffles? #GG #fb
Anne Hathaway has some fierce fashion sense, AND she’s a nominee. Chanel tonight for her? Givenchy? Something French I bet… #GG #fb
Michelle Williams has had some amazing fashion moments (remember the mustard @Wang_Vera in 06?) excited to see her choice tonight #GG #fb
Mila Kunis has been a fashion surprise (my #2 best dressed at#ccma ) but has bombed in the past (burgundy tea length Monique?)#GG #fb
Watching the Golden Globes tonight? Check out @MTVMoviesBlogfor live blogging coverage of the event starting at 8 pm!
Natalie Portman in loose shapes all season, hoping tonight she’ll embrace her mom-to-be shape in something draped around the bump! #GG #fb
Carson Daly, Natalie Morales and Alexa Chung will host the “2011 Golden Globe Arrivals Special” at 4-5PM PST on @nbc
My favorite red heads Amy Adams, Nicole Kidman & Julianne Moore all wore dark #ccma gowns. Predicting color tonight! #GG#fb
Now on to #redcarpet predictions for the film actresses… #GG #fb
Guess my absolute best dressed for two years in a row at the #GG? hint: leopard Lanvin in 09 & blush Roland Mouret in 10 #fb
Can’t wait #glee cast to rep the #redcarpet @chriscolfer@msleamichelle w noms! great style, love her in dramatic color or texture #GG #fb
17 out of 21! What’s yours? @marieclaire What’s your red carpet IQ? #goldenglobes #fb
As for the men? Don Draper, Mr. Shue, Ryan Gosling, Leo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp, James Franco, Mark Wahlberg… #GG #fb
T minus 5 hours until the Golden Globes red carpet… can’t wait to see Olivia Wilde & Christina Hendricks in NARS
Awwww Sookie Sookie! Loved Anna Paquin last #GG in gold plunging Stella McCartney. Will this year be equally fab? #fb
Next up, love me some Chloe Sevigny! Remember the controversial Valentino last year? Love a fashion risk! #GG #fb
Another fave? Ginnifer Goodwin. Love the short cut & not afraid to rock color. What will she wear this #GG ? Alex Wang =perfect #fb
January Jones: another @redcarpet fave bc she’s not afraid of makeup. red lip, headband & Dolce? Or orange lip w blue Versace?#GG #fb
Can’t wait to see @goldenglobes tonight? Remember her lavender Reem Acra 09 & gunmetal Gucci 10? @oliviawilde rocks @redcarpet#GG #fb
Remember 2009 @goldenglobes? My blog does… #fb
Amazeballs. Love. RT @mrbradgoreski OMG! I have to wear this! Loved the proportions at Dolce and Gabbana
If you aren’t already following @dkny, here’s a reason to start RIGHTNOW: Open me #GG #fb
OMGwakeupitsGoldenGlobesday!!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?) Who’s watching with me? Any predictions? @goldenglobes
What are your red carpet predictions?  Any trends you are dying to see?  Who will be best dressed?

Black Swan …aka ‘Pale Girls in Black’
I’m reluctantly calling this a trend, but not because I like it. I love fair skin, don’t get me wrong. But where are the days of Nicole Kidman in crimson Lanvin, or Julianne Moore in a pale blush, or Amy Adams in stunning jewel tones? Blame it on Black Swan, or maybe they are just saving the color for the Golden Globes? Let’s hope so. Theses ladies are too gorge to look so washed out.

seen on Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Helena Bonham Carter, Tilda Swinton

Black Swan 2 …aka ‘Dancing Shoes’
See these fab shoes on Julianne Moore above?  Do they remind you of lacing up your ballet slippers before barre?  Me too.  Looks like Black Swan had an influence on the footwear of choice for the red carpet.  Who better to join in this trend than one of the Black Swan stars herself, Mila Kunis.  Love this look, and hope it carries through to the Golden Globes.

seen on Mila Kunis, Julianne Moore

Walk the Line
In recent seasons, visible liner has taken a backseat to the smoky eye: dark, diffused, graduated shadow reigned on the red carpet. Every once in a while someone would bend it for a cat eye, but smoky eyes were the rule. Then suddenly, lash lines took the forefront at the Critics Choice Awards. From Natalie Portman’s intense inner-rim, to Emma Stones thinly traced lashes, suddenly a simple lined eye looks super chic.

seen on Natalie Portman, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, Hailee Steinfeld, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Keri Hilson

Designer Pairs
Remember in college, when you couldn’t go to a party without calling up your girlfriends & asking “what are you going to wear tonight?” It seems some of Hollywood’s finest (or their stylists) did the same. Designers dressed stars in pairs tonight, or not at all. Major coup for Nina Ricci, Balenciaga, & Valentino. Bet their PR reps are dyyyyying with pride.

seen on Elle Fanning & Eva Mendes in Valentino, Julianne Moore & Mila Kunis in Nina Ricci, Emma Stone & Michelle Williams in Balenciaga

A Tux of a Different Color
I could not love this trend more. Seriously, men in silver, grey, and even plum suits? Amazing. (and it doesn’t hurt that these men are pretty easy on the eyes, either.)

seen on Ryan Gosling, John Hamm, Matt Damon

Grey Likes…
Sure, I’m a little biased (grey happens to be my fave color). But there’s no mistaking that grey, and it’s sparkly cousin silver, made a major appearance on the red carpet. Keri Hilson chose a silver foiled eye, Matt Damon looked dashing in a grey dinner jacket (and hair? or was that the lighting?) . . . but for me the standout of the night was Emma Stone in metallic grey Balenciaga. Stunning, and my best dressed, hands down.

seen on Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Keri Hilson, Sofia Vergara

Can I Check Your ID, Please?
This awards season is flooded with new young starlets. From 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld to 20 year old Jennifer Lawrence, these ingenues are a breath of fresh air. Typically we get manufactured pop stars from the Disney machine to represent the teen demographic. But this fresh crop of new faces have the acting chops AND the fashion sense to make their generation proud. What designer doesn’t want to dress the newest PYT on the red carpet?

seen on Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Lawrence, Elle Fanning

Lips that Whisper
Typically red carpet lips go one of two ways: a light, shiny gloss, or a full-on opaque bold lipstick. But this season lips were shockingly. . . bare? Although not exactly naked, it seemed most stars sported stains or tinted balms that left lips sheer. Not shiny, not matte, lips looked tinted with a pink stain (Emma Stone), a cranberry tint (Elle Fanning), or a natural flush (Amy Adams).

seen on Emma Stone, Elle Fanning, Amy Adams, Natalie Portman, Eva Mendes, Julianne Moore

photos from Fabsugar

You know how during football season, women call themselves “football widows” because their hubbies are glued to the tv?  This must be how my fiance feels during awards season.  This is one of my favorite times of year.  During awards season, I’ll be live tweeting my thoughts on fashion, hair and makeup as the celebrities step on to the red carpet.  Follow me on twitter @makeupbyjanine.

My twitter musings from tonight’s 2011 Critics Choice Movie Awards red carpet…

Who do I hope to see tonight? McQueen, Wang, Rodarte, Celine #ccma
wow @lala looks gorge! In white, think it will be a big trend again this awards season? #ccma
Last years red carpet trends: white, metallics, blush, navy and black. I’m betting they’ll reappear this year too #ccma
Other colors? Look for raspberry & watermelon, and sapphire blue.#ccma
Black Swan star Mila Kunis appropriately in black Nina Ricci. #ccma
Wow @misskeribaby looks great in glitterfied black. Lots o sparkles on the RC tonight. Loves it #ccma
Helena Bonham Carter looks kinda crazy, but perfect for her. Love the hat, ditch the bag #ccma
Really feeling muted pseudo-neutrals this season: mauve, taupe, nude, blush #ccma
too soon to tell, can’t wait for Nat Port! “@VH1: Who do you think is Best Dressed on the red carpet?? #CCMA
Wow Elle Fanning is super gorge! Great genes in that family. Love he stained lip & full brows. Nude sparkly valentino? I die #ccma
#thanks @lala for always asking who the stars are wearing. You rock my fashion world right now #ccma
Ooh just spotted Eva Mendes in sheer black lace. Amazeballs. Is it valentino? #ccma
All the men in shiny suits tonight. Trend? Thinking @justingelsingershould wear a shiny grey suit for the wedding? #ccma
Love love love Julianne Moore, but love her once more when she doesn’t wear black. A soft pink? A jewel tone? Cmon Julianne 🙂#ccma
Mmmmm, love me some Ryan Gosling. Is his suit navy? Yum.#ccma
Okay, I kinda adore Jesse Eisenburg’s awkwardness. But not so much his hair #ccma
A teeny bit disappointed w Nicole Kidmans look tonight. She’s usually top of my list. Still time in awards season to ramp it up#ccma
And black? For Nicole Kidman & Julianne Moore?#notmyfaveforpalegirls #ccma
I spy Nat Port, in black & white asymmetric to hide the baby bump. But who is it???? #ccma
Oooooh, there’s @kimkardashian in a gorge rust? Red? @Wang_vera she looks fab #ccma
Oooh @aplusk … Anyone else can’t wait to see #nostringsattached#ccma
Amy Adams … At least it’s not black but I love that girl in a jewel tone! Emerald? #ccma
Wow. Emma Stone is making me want to go platinum. Like, tomorrow. And a silver sequined dress? Um @atouchofbliss did you see? #ccma
Wow @prabalgurung did you dress her? Omg best dressed list for sure. She looks amaze! #ccma
That Hailee Steinfeld girl is gorge. 14? Where’s her modeling contract? Normally don’t love hair straight down, but exception for her #ccma
Think @khloekardashian really went blonde-ish or is it a wig?#ccma
I love this Adele song. Good music tonight. Think I heard some Grace Potter earlier. #ccma
I loved Easy A. And Emma Stone is rocking my world. Just noticed the neckline is gold. Mixed metallics??? Stop. Major girl crush#ccma
Love @misskeribaby‘s silver foiled eye… her necklace … and her Sandy-esque black pants #ccma
Love Emily Blunt’s ombre hair, and her specs! But the dress, eh. Too old methinks #ccma
How amazing is Natalie Portman? I want to be her best friend. So gorge & funny & smart & talented… Maybe I just want to BE her.#ccma

What did you think of the fashions tonight?  Will you be watching the Golden Globes Red Carpet with me on Sunday?  Who did you think was the best dressed?

Lip gloss:  what’s not to love?  Its shiny, its moisturizing, it gives a sheer hint of color, and still shows your lips through.  So what’s my problem?

My problem is that I. Talk. A. LOT.  I sometimes teach 8 hour makeup classes to students, blabbing the whole time.  I chat with models while I paint their faces;  I gossip with brides about their weddings.  I’m pretty much a chatterbox.  And lip gloss lasts approximately 2 seconds on me.

I’m betting I’m not the only one with this problem.  Because I see you ladies.  I check out your makeup, and ask you what you are wearing on your lips, and you say “gloss” and I’m seeing nothing.  Which makes me think it must have worn off like mine does.  The problem with that?  If you took the time to do your makeup, missing lips looks incomplete, like painting your nails & skipping your thumb.  You’ve gotta have something there, even if its light.

We solve this one of two ways:

1.)  Re-apply your gloss diligently throughout the day.  About every 15 minutes or so.  What’s that?  You don’t have time for that?  Oh, me neither.  Which is why we’ll focus the rest of this post on . . .

2.)  Use a lip stain under your gloss!

Lip stains are the modern girl’s life saver.  They are sheer, just like a gloss.  That way you can avoid the opaque lipstick look if you are afraid, er, um, I mean if you prefer the natural look.  But (and this is the genius part) it lasts ALL DAY.

Benefit Benetint is the original lip stain, before anyone knew what they were in the Stone Ages (aka seventies).  It smells like rose petals & gives your lips a just-bitten pink flush.  If the rosy pink is a little bright for your taste, Poseytint is it’s more subtle cousin.

Stila has a fab line of lip stains.  They range in color from the plummy Pomegranite Crush to the peachy Mango Crush to the light pink Yumberry Crush and everything in between.  Dab a little on cheeks too for an easy five-minute face.

If you want to go the drugstore route for your first foray into the land of lip stain, I’ve used Covergirl Outlast Lipstain too.  These are pretty long wearing, and the felt-tip marker application makes it easy to apply.  Fair warning:  although there are 10 shades to choose from, they are MUCH brighter on than they look.  Gloss on top can tone them down to a flattering flush.

Once you’ve picked your stain, follow these instructions for best result:

1.)  After brushing your teeth, exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush (not with your toothpaste though, ew).

2.)  Apply your lip stain VERY CAREFULLY to clean dry lips.  We are saving time all day by not having to touch up, so spend a little extra time in the a.m. making sure it’s on straight.  Be sure not to spill it on your clothes, your towels, your tile grout . . . it isn’t called a stain for nothing!

3.)  Allow to dry completely, then layer again if more color is desired.

4.)  After it dries, add your normal gloss or lip balm.  Stain on its own isn’t shiny or moisturizing, so most will require something on top to add whenever your lips feel dry.

5.)  Talk all you want, this sucker isn’t going anywhere.  If you find a stain that matches your fave lip gloss, you may not even notice a difference in the color. . . only that you actually still see it at 5pm.  Enjoy all the time you save from skipping the re-applying!


Are you taking the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge?  Here’s how:

1.)  Choose something new you want to try.

2.)  Conquer your fear.

3.)  Wear your new look for five consecutive days in January.

4.)  Share!  Tweet it, blog it, facebook, whatever.  for example:

“I’m taking the @makeupbyjanine #shakeupyourmakeup challenge and wearing this lipcolor …Day3 (twitpic here).”

5.)  Be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you are doing for the challenge!

At the end of January, I’ll draw one winner to receive a personalized makeup lesson from me AND my top makeup product picks for you up to $200 in product value!

(see detailed contest info here)


Will you be trying a stain this month?  Let me know how it goes below.  I’ve been loving all your comments & tweets about your adventures in makeup!

During the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge, I’m tackling some FAQ’s on the blog.  Today, we’re taking on a big one:  “What eye shadow colors best bring out my eye color?”  Yep, you asked for it, & I listened.  Makeup genie at your service . . . your wish is my command!  *folds arms, blinks & nods*

Before I give you the run down, I want to dispel some myths around this topic.


Myth #1:  “There is only one color that is ‘right’ for my eye color.”

Fact :  First of all, you can wear whatever you want.  Secondly, everyone looks great in neutrals.  So black, white, grey and brown are options for all eye colors.  And most likely, there are a range of colors that will best accent your eye color.  So don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Myth #2:  “I have green eyes, so I should wear purple.”

Fact:  If I hear this one more time, I’m going to freak out.  Seriously, kill me.  I have a theory that maybe a makeup artist was misquoted, or a magazine intern took a guess, and then this spread like wildfire.  True purple is for YELLOW eyes.  So unless your last name is Cullen, forget this myth.

Myth #3:  “If I want to bring out my eyes, I should just buy one of those little kits that are made for my eye color.”

Fact:  Okay, this is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves ever.  (Yes, I’m the crazy lady muttering to myself in Target about how wrong the colors are.)  It’s a great idea, but the execution falls short.  So many times I see palettes that are supposedly meant for an eye color, but the colors included have nothing to do with color theory.  What’s color theory you ask?  Let’s discuss…

This is a color wheel.  If the last time you saw one was third grade art, that’s okay kiddo.  So have most people.  I’ll try to go easy on you.

For the record, anyone can wear whatever color they want.  But if you are looking to find the color that makes your eye color stand out the most, the one that makes people say “wow, I never realized how blue your eyes are before” or “are you wearing contacts?” you can use the color wheel to find it.

First, determine your eye color.  Not just “green”.  Are they more blue-green or yellow-green?  If your eyes are brown, are there other colors in there too?  Do they have yellow circles around the pupils?  Are they a golden brown?  Then maybe they look more orange or yellow-orange.

Once you’ve found the spot on the color wheel that best describes your eye color, find the color directly across from it. This is the complimentary color, and the color that should be the base for all your eye makeup choices.

Next, translate the color wheel color into makeup.  Remember, you can add white to make it lighter, black to make it darker, grey for a muted version, and brown to make it more neutral.  The Stila color wheel eye shadow palette is meant for exactly that, and totally gets it right (awesome).

Here are some examples:

for blue eyes . . . the complimentary color is orange.  Yes, orange eyeshadow sounds gross, but if you translate it to makeup colors it can be an orangy-brown, peach, gold or light copper.

for blue-green eyes . . . if they sometimes look blue, and sometimes look green, then they are probably blue-green.  (Your eyes don’t actually change color, its just color theory at work).  The complimentary color is red-orange.  Choose apricots, watermelons or other peachy-pinks.  An intense copper or warm (reddish) brown with copper shimmer is also a great choice.

for green eyes . . . the complimentary color is red.  Yes, I know, you are worried you’ll look a little zombified with red liner.  But let’s do a little neutral-izing: red + white = pink, red + black = burgandy, red + grey = mauve, and red + brown = red-brown (okay, that last one wasn’t so original).  Anything with those bases will make your eyes look as green as possible.

for yellow-green eyes . . . red-violet is the complimentary color to choose for you.  This can be a plum, just make sure it has more red than blue.  Also a cool (or purple-y) pink is a great choice.  Mix some silver in there too for a muted, metallicized red-violet.

for brown eyes with yellow . . .  a true violet will compliment your eyes best.  It can be anywhere from light lavender to deep eggplant.

for a light golden brown eye (yellow-orange) . . . use the blue-violet shades.  A deep royal purple liner, a periwinkle highlight, or a smoky mix of blue, grey & purple will make your eyes pop.

for a deep amber brown eye (orange) . . . lucky you!  Go with an electric Smurf shadow, a navy liner, a slate smoky, a powder blue accent.  The different versions of blue are endless!  Remember, you can always pair a pop of blue with brown or grey for a more neutral version.

finally . . .

if your eyes are blue-violet like Elizabeth Taylor . . . yellow orange is your compliment.  Find it in sunny highlighters, warm golden brown shadows, or dark browns with metallic gold flecks.

Look at you with your smarty-pants color theory knowledge!  Remember to use it for good, not evil.  Now I won’t be the only one muttering in drugstore aisles with crazy eyes, declaring the pre selected palettes to be wrong, all WRONG (no salt, no salt on my margarita . . .)


Are you taking the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge?  Here’s how:

1.)  Choose something new you want to try.

2.)  Conquer your fear.

3.)  Wear your new look for five consecutive days in January.

4.)  Share!  Tweet it, blog it, facebook, whatever.

“I’m taking the @makeupbyjanine #shakeupyourmakeup challenge and wearing this lipcolor …Day3 (twitpic here).”

5.)  Be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you are doing for the challenge!

At the end of January, I’ll draw one winner to receive a personalized makeup lesson from me AND my top makeup product picks for you up to $200 in product value!

(see detailed contest info here)


What do you think?  Are you digging through your makeup bag, holding colors up to the color wheel?  Did this open your eyes (get it? hehe) to a new understanding of color?  Or was this waaaaaay over your head?  I’d love to hear your thoughts below . . .

July 2020