Red Carpet Trends: SAG Awards 2011


Smoke Alarm

At the Critics Choice Awards, simple liner was a huge trend.  It is said that fashion swings from one extreme to another.  So true.  Here at the SAG Awards, celebs went for full-on smoky eyes.  While some (Mila and Julia) kept it subtle enough to look sexy and mysterious, others pushed the drama into crazy territory (Jennifer Lawrence and Diana Agron).

seen on Christina Hendricks, Diana Agron, Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Stiles, Mila Kunis

Stars get Waist-ed

In a surprising trend, star after star hit the red carpet rocking a new accessory.  Not the borrowed diamonds and jewels, not the red-soled Louboutons.  This accessory was far more . . . utilitarian.  Yes, the humble belt took the SAG Awards by storm, wrapping the waists of nearly the entire Best Dressed list.

seen on Claire Danes, Ariel Winter, Mila Kunis, Lea Michele, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks, Diana Agron

It’s a White Out

Reversing the Black Swan trend seen at the CCMAs, white gowns popped up on the red carpet.  Nothing sparkles more or catches the camera like a shimmering white gown, as seen on Eva Longoria or Lea Michele.  Natalie Portman revealed her baby bump, Winona Rider dressed as a bride, and Amy Adams was wrapped like a mummy in a body-con Herve LeRoux.  Nice.

seen on Natalie Portman, Winona Rider, Lea Michele, Amy Adams, Eva Longoria

Test the Place for Prints

Finally.  This trend has been a loooooong time coming.  It’s not as if stars haven’t tried wearing prints on the red carpet before (ahem, Heidi Klum).  But it was only here or there, and mostly failed.  Then last year, Anna Paquin rocked this printed McQueen stunner at the SAGs and landed herself on the best dressed list.  Since then, I’ve had my fingers perma-crossed for a repeat appearance.  So fitting that Mila Kunis revived the trend this season with another McQueen.

Mila Kunis, Claire Danes, Julia Stiles, Hailee Steinfeld

Glee Hearts a Bright Lip

This trend will never get old to me.  If every celeb wore a bright lip to every event forever, I would still continue to blog how much I love it.  This magenta lip on Amber, sparkly ruby on Jenna, and classic red on Naya further fueled my passion.

seen on Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera (although not Glee cast members, also seen on Claire Danes and Betty White)

Laced up and Ready

Feminine, romantic, lady-like, and sweet: lace is not just for bridal gowns.  Nicole Kidman gave her lace some edge, using it to cover her nearly backless Nina Ricci gown.  January Jones wore her lace in black & gold, and managed to look demure and fashion forward all at once.  Slight controversy: as the poster girl for Versace, she turned up in Carolina Herrera at the SAGs.  She looked so good in the gown though, even Donatella can hardly fault her for it.

seen on Nicole Kidman, January Jones, Kim Kardashian

Keep it in the Salon, er… Bedroom?

Flip open a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, and you’ll see what I like to call “bedroom hair.”  The downstyled, sexy, touchable waves are the trademark of the VS Angels. . . and apparently now the red carpet!  This hairstyle was so ubiquitous that I can count on one hand the stars who didn’t wear it.  But will this casual hair trend continue to even the queen of all awards shows . . . the Oscars?

seen on everyone. . . including Hilary Swank, Mila Kunis, Lea Michele, Claire Danes, Rosario Dawson, Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara, Hailee Steinfeld, Julia Stiles, Jayma Mays

Slit to here . . .

Va-va-va-voom.  January Jones took a lot of heat for her revealing Golden Globes Versace Gown.  But it seems many stars followed suit on tonight’s red carpet.  While some ladies chose a deep plunging neckline…

seen on Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Lea Michele, Eva Longoria

. . . and Slit to there

. . . others chose to show a little leg.  The SAG Awards are always more playful than the Golden Globes, and less formal than the Oscars, so having fun with necklines & hemlines seems apropos.

seen on Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Lawrence

Juicy Fruit, version 3

First of all, can we just talk about the fact that Tina Fey is on the red carpet in a color???  She typically appears in black, looking super uncomfortable & hiding behind her wit in interviews & speeches.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve got nothing against a funny lady.  But seriously, how GOOD does she LOOK?  She led another pack of fruit flavored gowns, following the trend of juicy fruit colors at the Golden Globes.

seen on Tina Fey, Julianna Marguilies, Hailee Steinfeld, Sarah Hyland, Jennifer Lawrence, Rosario Dawson

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