“Getting Cheeky” Tar-zhay Thursday


Tar-zhay Thursday

“Getting Cheeky”

I am OBSESSED with creme blush.  When one of the lines I work for discontinued their creme blushes this fall, a little piece of my soul died.   Anyone who’s had a makeup lesson with me knows that cheek color is non-negotiable.  And a creme formula is better for dry skin, works beautifully over tinted moisturizer (another one of my faves), is less likely to settle into fine lines, leaves a radiant dewy finish, can double as a lip color, and is easier for a makeup novice to apply.  Perfect, right?

There a billion different forms of creme blush, and because of my obsession, I have most of them.  I love Tarte’s cheek stains for their sheer, universally flattering colors, their playful nomenclature, and their delicious, subtly fruity aromas.  Since I started using them, they’ve re-developed the formula to include amazing plant nutrients that support the environment and sustain your skin, which is right up my alley.  Their gigantic size means there is no way you’d ever go through one, so if you can find the mini versions in sets of three, snatch those up immediately.  My favorite colors are Flush, Tickled, and Blushing Bride, but you really can’t go wrong.

Stila’s Convertible Color is another fave.  It constantly appears in magazines, most recently InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2009.  Because there are so many colors to choose from, you can easily match your cheeks to your lip color.  Okay, I know that sounds very 1950’s, but it creates a cohesive color story that I promise will look fresh and pretty.  Try gladiola with a peachy nude gloss, or petunia for a rosy pink glow.

Francois Nars is pretty much the king of cheek color, and Nars The Multiple Stick is the creme-blush jewel in his crown.  Orgasm and Copacabana are the most popular, and for good reason.  I also especially love South Beach for a bronzer alternative.  I often find powder bronzer too matte, too dark, and too brown, so the face ends up looking dirty (ick).  A cheek stick gives the sun-kissed look of a bronzer, plus a dewy, radiant glow.  (ed. As I was linking images for this blog, I found a mini set w/ all three of these colors.  How’s that for fate?  Score!)

For this “Tar-zhay Thursday,” I searched for a drugstore fix for my creme blush addiction.  It wasn’t hard.  I found many, but the most intriguing was JK Jemma Kidd Cheek ID Colour Adapt Blush. It is a clear formula that when applied to the skin gives it a rosy tint.  It seems a little sci-fi, which to me makes it even more fun.  JK is one of the Target displays that has testers of the products, so check this one out by rubbing a little on the back of your hand.  (I’m usually an advocate of trying the color on your face, but I’m not sure how much I’d trust the sanitary application practices of fellow Target shoppers, without a beauty advisor there to regulate).  You’ll get an idea of the how the color will appear on you, and how transformative a rosy glow can be.

See?  Now I’m not the only one who’s obsessed.

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