“Let’s Make a Deal” Tar-zhay Thursday


Tar-zhay Thursday

Let’s make a deal:  would you rather have eight of something or one?  Well, unless you are like the actual contestants on that show (where do they find those people? oh, that’s right, Vegas) you probably find eight more enticing.  This theory is what makes pre-selected makeup palettes so attractive.  I don’t blame you, when I see that cute little kit in the store, with 20 colors for $19.99, I’m tempted to take it home too.  But I learned long ago that I will end up using one, maybe two of the colors, and the rest will sit there, taking up valuable real estate in the bathroom.  Which, when you do the math, means I spent $10 per shadow instead of the $1 deal I thought I was getting.  Now, before purchasing any palette, I evaluate each of the colors on their own merit, and usually end up just buying them individually instead.

On a recent trip to Target, I spent hours looking at makeup, and found a few colors that I liked enough to review.  But then, I spotted a palette so exciting I couldn’t wait to get home and tell you about it.  There in the Maybelline isle I recognized colors that looked identical to ones I have in my kit.

In fact, they looked like my favorites from my kit.  Literally, it was as if someone had asked me, “what are the most popular warm eye shadows you use on clients?” and then packaged them up together.  And the best part?  There were eight of them!

The Maybelline “Sunbaked Naturals” palette includes a shimmering champagne highlight, a neutral sand highlight, and both a medium and dark shade of copper, olive, and brown.  I can think of endless combinations and applications.  If you typically wear warm colors (hint: you are a big fan the bronzy look) this palette is a must.  Just add some peachy lipgloss, bronzer, brown liner, and your favorite mascara and you are good to go!  How’s that for a deal?

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