“Janine is an absolutely amazing makeup artist and above that she is an amazing person. Her passion for her work is undeniable and it lights up every room she walks into. She loves learning and is always knowledgeable about the latest trends and techniques in makeup, which she uses to enhance the inner beauty she sees in everyone. She has taught me so much and her great passion is inspiring to everyone she meets!” Liana F., Makeup Artist/ Wardrobe Stylist

“Not only is she a creative genius with all the talent to make a rock look like a cover girl, but she has the kindest heart and so sweet. She is a hard worker and gets the job done right EVERY TIME”  Kalia M., Model

“I love Janine’s work – she has an amazing background, talent, and sparkling personality – a make-up star!” Kerri B., A Touch of Bliss Events

“Amazing makeup that fits any person, model, or situation in need. She gets to know what is needed and knows exactly how to deliver!” Lisa B, AVEDA Team Leader

“Janine comes to our AVEDA Salon about once a week and does make-up and finishing touches on our guests and she has such an eye for color and artistry!!! We love her and wish she was at our salon everyday.” Courtney A., Salon Manager

“Thank you Janine!  It was such a beautiful day, and I thank you so much for helping us to get ready, despite all the chaos in the room! (. . .) I wish you much luck in your career–I will definitely recommend you to anybody looking for a makeup artist.” Linda O., Bride

“Janine is consistent and very knowledgeable when it comes to Beauty and Make-up Artistry. She is my go to girl when I need an extra Artist for projects that I’M working on. A true delight to work next to!” Ryan G., Makeup Artist

“I have worked with Janine and she is very passionate about her work, dependable, and brings energy and creativity to every situation!” Shauna I., Photographer

“She is wonderful! I had her for a film shoot, and she did my make-up. She has a gentle touch, and the results are beautiful!!” Anna G., Actress

“Highly professional, amazing ability with creating current looks using Aveda all natural products. 100% guest satisfaction and appreciation for her skill and talent!” Annalies D., Salon and Spa Owner

“Janine was a pleasure to work with! Great personality and fantastic artistry!” Midian C., Makeup Artist

“Janine did an astounding job for my wedding.  During our trial run, Janine took into consideration everything from my skin tone, eye and hair color, to the colors of the wedding.  She gave me a couple of different looks until we found the right one.  The day of the wedding, Janine was on time, professional, and just as excited as I was for the big day!  I would highly recommend Janine for your wedding or any other makeup needs; you will not be disappointed.” Christie R., Bride

“Talented!!! Great style and works from a place of passion!” Mark S., AVEDA Retail Educator

“Janine is a fabulous makeup artist that has the ability to complete any look desired… simplistic, bold, fashion-y, and of course the classic smokey eye/glossy lip. (…) when creating her work, she has a special way of making every project have an individual and creative twist to it. Other than her obvious talent, Janine is a sweet individual and is fabulous to work with! ” Zoe M, Model

“She is ridiculously talented! Sweet, charming, and creative to boot! A pleasure to work with, I cannot say enough good things.” Shaylin H., Former Student and Makeup Artist

“We often had to stay up for more than 12 hours on the film set and she was always professional and patient enough to wait through the long hours to help actors getting their make-up done in a timely manner, and she’s also a great personality that is easy to work with.” Patrick B., Actor

“Every opportunity I’ve had to work with Janine has been awesome. She always makes me look good whether it’s for a show or just a photo shoot. She’s good at lots of different styles rather than just one!” Ashley K., Model

“Janine is fantastic at interpreting a client’s vision. Her passion for color, fashion and commitment to earth friendly products is obvious as she makes it a part of her daily life.” Joanna I., Aesthitician

“I had the opportunity to work with Janine in New York for fashion week this year and loved her! She was a down to earth makeup artist and very talented!” Candace W., Makeup Artist

“Janine is AWESOME. She uses great products and takes her time to make sure her work is perfect. I never worry when she’s doing my make-up for a show or photo shoot, she is always so professional.” Allegra B., Model

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