“Nailing a Brilliant Idea” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson


Monday Minute Makeup Lesson

“Nailing a Brilliant Idea”

I have great ideas.  Creative. . . inspired. . . some would even say brilliant (okay, only my friend Kara says brilliant, and only because its her favorite word, but still).  Unfortunately, not every great idea out there is mine.  So for today’s Monday Minute Makeup Lesson, I’m recognizing a brilliant idea from InStyle.com, the Ombre Manicure.

I first saw this stroke of creative genius on Lauren Conrad in a pic on People Style Watch.  She’s quite intrepid; I figured it was her creation.  After all, she’s credited for the best way to wear growing-out bangs ever, “the LC braid.”

InStyle beat me to the punch though, by describing this look as a top fall trend.  It’s slightly reminiscent of painting each of your nails a different color, when you were, say. . . five?  But the difference (and this is what makes it genius) is that it is actually five tints of the same color!  For the non-art-majors, a tint is any color (hue) combined with white.

To create the ombre manicure:

1.)  Choose your favorite nail polish.  A dark or bright one works best.

2.)  Pour four dots of the polish onto a disposable plate or cups.

3.)  Add one drop of white nail polish to the first, two to the second, and so on.

4.)  Paint your pinkie nail straight from the bottle.

5.)  Paint your ring finger with the darkest mixture, proceeding to lightest at the thumb.

6.)  Admire!

This is an amazing way to use up the half empty bottles of polish colors you’ve grown tired of.  All it requires is heading to the salon and picking up a bottle of white nail polish.  The next time, try switching it up by mixing with black, or even two colors together.  Brilliant!

6 Responses to ““Nailing a Brilliant Idea” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson”

  1. Love this hombre nail look. Oh, and I did the growing-out-bangs-into-a-braid-thing three weeks ago for a girls’ night. I hadn’t seen it on LC (did see on girl at Nordstrom selling me Joe’s Jeans…but her’s were woven in-like a french braid). That’s what I was going for…but couldn’t do it (looking in the mirror, I am unable to french braid). Anyway, love that I was on point with a trend…I’m just sayin’

  2. 2 Kristy Howlett

    Hi Janeen….This site is fab!

    Great job! I need to set up a time to meet so you can show me the smokey eye look. 🙂

  3. Janine! Love these ideas! You are truly talented! Very impressive. : )

  4. yay for being on trend Emily 😉 i feel your pain; french braiding is none too easy a feat, especially on yourself!

    im glad you like the mani idea. . . im sporting it on my toes (not like anyone can see with this below-freezing weather we’re having).

  5. Heather & Kristy:
    gosh ladies thanks! *blushes*
    id love to meet with you for a lesson Kristy, just email me! 🙂

  6. 6 joanna

    Janine, I’m glad you said you were sporting it on your toes! I can’t keep paint on my nails for longer than 24 hours, so I was wondering how it would translate to the toes! Yay! I know what I’m doing when I get home from work…

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