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“What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday Gucci Fall/Winter 2009 RTW Runway math: 1948+1981=2009?  For the Fall/Winter collections, this equation sums up key trends.  The Gucci runway makeup look combines a classic 1940’s red lip (pin-up perfection) with an 80’s looking eye (very David Bowie).  Add them together, and we end up with something totally new to wear. […]

“What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday Versace Fall/Winter 2009 RTW The Eighties were referenced all over the fall/winter collections, and what represents the decade of excess more than blue eyeshadow?  But a funny thing happened on the Versace runway.  Models came out in neon dresses, big fluffy hair, and blue shadow to the brows. . . and […]

“What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2009 RTW Full disclosure:  I have a bias toward a red lip.  Red lips say confidence, power, glamour, sex.  When you have thirty seconds to create a makeup look, a swipe of red on the lips looks instantly pulled-together.  A red lip can be paired with any […]