about me

i am usually the one. . . drooling over makeup on the cover of W, counting down to Fashion Week, telling random stories, crying at your wedding, speaking in abbreviations, painting face!, asking about your “how we met” story, compiling a list for every imaginable reason, laughing, dancing, organizing every last detail, strolling around the Denver Art Museum, telling you the truth, speaking french, eating my bf’s delicious meals, coming up with a creative solution, watching way too much tv, giving advice, sending more texts than you thought was possible, eating brunch, changing my hair, getting lost driving, forever excited to meet new people, crossing my fingers for sunny weather, in a stressful situation and loving every minute, planning a vacation, sharing with others their environmental impact, reading restaurant guides, accessorizing other people, taking responsibility, singing in the car, getting overly excited about little things, having deep conversations with preschoolers, looking on the bright side, and loving life.

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