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Juicy Fruit Christina Hendricks in tomato, Emma Stone in peach, Julianne Moore in raspberry, January Jones in apple, Sofia Vergara in cherry, Kyra Segwick in melon . . . these ladies should be on top of a Chiquita sombrero with all these juicy colors.  I adore this trend . . . and it was one […]

During the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge, I’m tackling some FAQ’s on the blog.  Today, we’re taking on a big one:  “What eye shadow colors best bring out my eye color?”  Yep, you asked for it, & I listened.  Makeup genie at your service . . . your wish is my command!  *folds arms, blinks & nods* Before […]

Best of 2009: RIP Discontinued Makeup Products You know how every year at the Oscars they have a tribute photo montage to the movie industry people who passed away in the previous year?  In 2009, there were a few favorites from my makeup kit that bit the proverbial dust, and I’d like to pay tribute […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Freaks and Geeks” Where do you hide holiday gifts in a modern, relatively-minimalist loft?  That was my conundrum last week when I came home smuggling a Santa’s sleigh full of gifts for my bf.  While searching under the bed for a hiding hole, I came across my middle-school yearbooks.  Oh the […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Jeepers Peepers: Making Small Eyes Look Bigger” Writing a “Monday Minute Makeup Lesson” for eyes is stressing me out.  There are a bazillion different eye shapes, and almost as many ways to apply.  Recently I’ve seen lots of eye shadow kits that come with instructions; some with labels on each color […]

Tar-zhay Thursday Let’s make a deal:  would you rather have eight of something or one?  Well, unless you are like the actual contestants on that show (where do they find those people? oh, that’s right, Vegas) you probably find eight more enticing.  This theory is what makes pre-selected makeup palettes so attractive.  I don’t blame […]