“You Are What You(r lips) Eat” Tar-zhay Thursday


Tar-zhay Thursday

“You Are What You(r lips) Eat”

Did you know that the average women consumes seven pounds of lip product over her lifetime?  Lick your lips, and chances are you swallow lanolin (sheep oil), petroleum and mineral oil (from the same source as gasoline), and carmine (a red pigment from insect carcasses).  Gagging yet?

After spending so many years with AVEDA, and teaching those fun facts to the newbies, you can bet I read the label of all my lip products.  But I wasn’t always that way.  I still get the skeevies at the thought of all the non-natural chapstick I used when I was younger.  Then today: a blast from the past.  Flipping through a magazine I saw “coming soon”. . . Lip Smacker Naturals!

Please tell me you remember Lip Smackers.  I may be revealing my age here, but I definitely remember wearing them before I was allowed to wear real makeup.  They paired so well with my slap-bracelets and hypercolor tee-shirt.  The fact that the flavors are now “natural” means I’ll be buying them for my daughters someday guilt free.  Now. . . I wonder if they still come in Dr. Pepper?

(press release cites mass-market retailer shipping date of 12.15.09)

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