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“Aesthetics for All” Tar-zhay Thursday “Aesthete: (def.) one who deals with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.” I’m happy to wear the label of an aesthete.  It’s why my S&P shakers need to be pretty (Jonathan Adler), my paper towel holder matches my blender (Michael Graves for Target), and why […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Freaks and Geeks” Where do you hide holiday gifts in a modern, relatively-minimalist loft?  That was my conundrum last week when I came home smuggling a Santa’s sleigh full of gifts for my bf.  While searching under the bed for a hiding hole, I came across my middle-school yearbooks.  Oh the […]

Monday Minute Makeup Lesson “Circle Gets the Square: Choosing a Brow Shape” Eyebrows are like glasses;  they frame your face, and choosing the right shape is important to flatter your features.  How many do you try on before taking home a new pair of sunnies?  Well its time to spend at least as long pondering […]