“Awww, You’re Making Me Blush!” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson


Monday Minute Makeup Lesson:

“Awww, You’re Making Me Blush!”

There is a reason for the phrase “blushing bride.”  Nothing is more beautiful then a glowing, rosy flush.  Want to do it right?  Choose a fluffy blush brush or kabuki brush (a real one, not the disposable ones) that has a size appropriate to the size of your face.  You can check by holding it up to your cheek; the size of the brush’s end shouldn’t be larger than the apple of your cheek.  Dip the brush straight into the blush (holding the brush perpendicular to the product).  Load up the bristles in an up-and-down tapping motion, instead of sweeping over the top.  This will load the tip of the brush with product, not the sides.  Remove only a little of the loose excess by tapping the side of the brush handle against your wrist.  Do not blow on your brush (gross!).

Next, face a mirror and smile.  When you smile, you will see your cheeks become rounded.  Locate the fullest part of your cheek, the apples.  Think of the center of the circle as a “bulls-eye” and aim your brush there.  To apply, press the end of the brush into your cheek and use the same tapping motion you used to load the brush.  Really press the product in; this will make it look like the glow is coming from within your skin instead of sitting on top.  Yes, I know it looks like you are stabbing yourself in the cheek with a weapon.  Then move to the other cheek and repeat.

At this point, if you’ve done it correctly, it may look like you have two circles of blush, similar to a Raggity-Ann doll.  Thats okay, because now that you’ve applied the product, its time to blend.  Remove excess product from your brush by rubbing it against the inside of your wrist.  When your brush is relatively product free, blend your blush by using a sweeping, back-and-forth motion over your cheeks, back toward your temples.  Whereas during the application, you used lots of pressure, blending should be done with feather-light strokes.  You will know you are done blending when you cant see any lines or edges, and the color on your cheek gradually fades into skin tone.  An easy phrase to remember is “press to apply, sweep to blend.”

One last tip:  don’t be afraid of cheek color!  Studies show that people with rosy cheeks appear friendlier, younger, happier and more rested.  Don’t let the blushing brides get all the attention. . .

2 Responses to ““Awww, You’re Making Me Blush!” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson”

  1. 1 Joanna

    Whoops. Was definitely sweeping the brush back and forth over the color instead of tapping. Nice tip, and very well described!

  2. thanks jo! the only issue w/ sweeping the brush is that the sides get loaded up w/ color. then, when you go to blend, you inadvertently apply more color, and it ends up uneven. who knew? 🙂

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