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During the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge, I’m tackling some FAQ’s on the blog.  Today, we’re taking on a big one:  “What eye shadow colors best bring out my eye color?”  Yep, you asked for it, & I listened.  Makeup genie at your service . . . your wish is my command!  *folds arms, blinks & nods* Before […]

Okay ladies, its time for some real talk.  As a makeup artist, I am in the (super cool, thank you) position to be a confidante to your secret makeup worries.  Not to bust you, but… YOU ALL SAY THE SAME THING!  “I’m stuck in a rut … I want to try something new … what […]

This weekend I posted I contest on Twitter to win a makeup consultation/lesson with me at the new VOWS office, to celebrate the grand opening.  I had many applicants, and wondered how I would ever choose.  Then I received this application from Chatti Phal of Savady Photography . . . Chatti’s magazine (my computer savvy […]