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Introducing Monday’s Blog Topic. . . Monday Minute Makeup Lesson Every Monday, the makeupbyjanine blog will post a little piece of (unsolicited) makeup advice.  These gems of wisdom are drawn from the consultations and lessons I do at salons, classes I’ve taught and attended, questions of clients and friends, and learned (painfully) from experience over the […]

Introducing Thursday’s Blog Topic: “Tar-zhay Thursday” Ahhhh the big red bulls-eye. . . it beckons us from the parking lot.  Yes, we may use an excuse, “I need to pick up a prescription. . . something for dinner. . . school supplies for the kids.”  But we all know that Target (or “Tar-zhay” as my […]

Introducing Wednesday’s Blog topic. . . “What’s Lily Wearing?” Wednesday! On Wednesdays, the makeupbyjanine blog will give you a peak at one of my personal fave runway photos.  Warning: these arent “try this at home” kind of looks.  Instead, they are closer to visual art: inspiring, creative and imaginative.  I love to study the relationship […]