Graduate from gloss #shakeupyourmakeup


Lip gloss:  what’s not to love?  Its shiny, its moisturizing, it gives a sheer hint of color, and still shows your lips through.  So what’s my problem?

My problem is that I. Talk. A. LOT.  I sometimes teach 8 hour makeup classes to students, blabbing the whole time.  I chat with models while I paint their faces;  I gossip with brides about their weddings.  I’m pretty much a chatterbox.  And lip gloss lasts approximately 2 seconds on me.

I’m betting I’m not the only one with this problem.  Because I see you ladies.  I check out your makeup, and ask you what you are wearing on your lips, and you say “gloss” and I’m seeing nothing.  Which makes me think it must have worn off like mine does.  The problem with that?  If you took the time to do your makeup, missing lips looks incomplete, like painting your nails & skipping your thumb.  You’ve gotta have something there, even if its light.

We solve this one of two ways:

1.)  Re-apply your gloss diligently throughout the day.  About every 15 minutes or so.  What’s that?  You don’t have time for that?  Oh, me neither.  Which is why we’ll focus the rest of this post on . . .

2.)  Use a lip stain under your gloss!

Lip stains are the modern girl’s life saver.  They are sheer, just like a gloss.  That way you can avoid the opaque lipstick look if you are afraid, er, um, I mean if you prefer the natural look.  But (and this is the genius part) it lasts ALL DAY.

Benefit Benetint is the original lip stain, before anyone knew what they were in the Stone Ages (aka seventies).  It smells like rose petals & gives your lips a just-bitten pink flush.  If the rosy pink is a little bright for your taste, Poseytint is it’s more subtle cousin.

Stila has a fab line of lip stains.  They range in color from the plummy Pomegranite Crush to the peachy Mango Crush to the light pink Yumberry Crush and everything in between.  Dab a little on cheeks too for an easy five-minute face.

If you want to go the drugstore route for your first foray into the land of lip stain, I’ve used Covergirl Outlast Lipstain too.  These are pretty long wearing, and the felt-tip marker application makes it easy to apply.  Fair warning:  although there are 10 shades to choose from, they are MUCH brighter on than they look.  Gloss on top can tone them down to a flattering flush.

Once you’ve picked your stain, follow these instructions for best result:

1.)  After brushing your teeth, exfoliate your lips with your toothbrush (not with your toothpaste though, ew).

2.)  Apply your lip stain VERY CAREFULLY to clean dry lips.  We are saving time all day by not having to touch up, so spend a little extra time in the a.m. making sure it’s on straight.  Be sure not to spill it on your clothes, your towels, your tile grout . . . it isn’t called a stain for nothing!

3.)  Allow to dry completely, then layer again if more color is desired.

4.)  After it dries, add your normal gloss or lip balm.  Stain on its own isn’t shiny or moisturizing, so most will require something on top to add whenever your lips feel dry.

5.)  Talk all you want, this sucker isn’t going anywhere.  If you find a stain that matches your fave lip gloss, you may not even notice a difference in the color. . . only that you actually still see it at 5pm.  Enjoy all the time you save from skipping the re-applying!


Are you taking the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge?  Here’s how:

1.)  Choose something new you want to try.

2.)  Conquer your fear.

3.)  Wear your new look for five consecutive days in January.

4.)  Share!  Tweet it, blog it, facebook, whatever.  for example:

“I’m taking the @makeupbyjanine #shakeupyourmakeup challenge and wearing this lipcolor …Day3 (twitpic here).”

5.)  Be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you are doing for the challenge!

At the end of January, I’ll draw one winner to receive a personalized makeup lesson from me AND my top makeup product picks for you up to $200 in product value!

(see detailed contest info here)


Will you be trying a stain this month?  Let me know how it goes below.  I’ve been loving all your comments & tweets about your adventures in makeup!

5 Responses to “Graduate from gloss #shakeupyourmakeup”

  1. Hmm, maybe I’ll try the Covergirl lipstain! I’ve been very curious about them for a while now. My only concern is that I already have really dry lips, and in the past when I wear “long-lasting” lipstick, it makes them look extra dry and horrible!

  2. 2 Brittany

    First day of round 2!

    This time I’m working on my cat eyes – specifically trying to get better at the “wing” part.

    Tweeted it!

  3. So I wore a berry colored lipstain with a clear gloss for 5 days. Reapplying wasn’t very necessary an I loved the look after a couple days. At first I did feel like a clown whore, and my daughter (who doesn’t have a firm grasp on colors) sake me why my lips were green. But now I love it, and you’ll see me barelipped much less often. #shakeupyourmakeup

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