2011 is time to #shakeupyourmakeup …


Okay ladies, its time for some real talk.  As a makeup artist, I am in the (super cool, thank you) position to be a confidante to your secret makeup worries.  Not to bust you, but… YOU ALL SAY THE SAME THING!  “I’m stuck in a rut … I want to try something new … what do you think would look good on me, try anything”  But if I honor your request, and stick a bright lip on you, for example, you FREAK OUT.  I’ve actually stopped trying new trends on clients, because I know they won’t like it.  I’ve based my whole career on giving my ladies what they want: a slightly prettier version of themselves.  Nothing too crazy.  The familiar always wins out as the favorite look.  And my clients stay happy.  So I’m happy.  Win-win, right?

And here’s the thing:  I GET IT.  I really do.  When you try something different with your makeup, it looks … well … different.  When you look at yourself in the mirror, and don’t recognize your own face, there is something deeply psychologically disturbing about that.  I mean, its your face.  You see it every day.  You like it they way it is.

So, if you are happy with your makeup, keep it the same.  Seriously.  If you love your look, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Buuuuuuuuuut… if you are one of the ladies who tweets me, emails me, stops me at a party begging for a new look, NOW IS THE TIME TO TRY IT!   Why now?  Well…

1)  Its 2011.  A new year, a new decade.  Time for a new you.

2)  You are reading a freakin makeup blog right now.  I mean, c’mon, you know you want to.

3)  I am going to tell you exactly how to do it.

4)  If that’s not enough, I’m going to motivate you with a contest.

Are you psyched?  Me too.  So here’s what you are going to do:

First, choose something new you want to try.  It could be that red lip I’ve been pushing on you forever (I know, I’m such a pusher) or it could be something small like switching your black liner to plum.  If you need ideas, I’ll be blogging suggestions throughout the month.  But the best thing to try is the thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Next, conquer your fear.  Yes, this will be scary.  It WILL look different.  Its time to “face your fear and do it anyway,” remember “change is good,”  and a billion other clichés.  Basically I’m telling you to grow a pair (but in the nicest way possible) and DO IT.

Third, wear your new look for five consecutive days in January.  (I was going to make it a week, but I was worried you wouldn’t do it.  Baby steps.)  There are a few reasons for this.  The more you practice the look, the better it will be, i.e. a straighter cat-eye, a better blended smoky, etc.  But the main reason is that you will need 5 days to get used to seeing yourself.  Trust me, the first time I wore a red lip, I thought I looked like a clown-hooker too (thanks Lexi for your awesome phrase).  But after a few days, and lots of compliments, I was loving it.  Plus, it’s a challenge, so it’s not supposed to be easy.

After that, share your experience!  Tweet it, blog it, facebook, whatever.  Let people know you are taking the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge.  For example:

“I’m taking the @makeupbyjanine #shakeupyourmakeup challenge and wearing this lipcolor …Day3 (twitpic here). https://makeupbyjanine.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/shakeupyourmakeup/”

{Official rules: you must include a link to this blog post (can be shortened with a URL shortener if you like) and you must use the #shakeupyourmakeup hashtag}

And last but not least . . . enter to win the #shakeupyourmakeup challenge!!!  Take the challenge, and for every comment you leave on a #shakeupyourmakeup blog post this month, you will receive a contest entry.  A tweet or a fb post will also get an entry, and if you write a blog post about your experience with the challenge, you will receive FIVE entries.  (if you tweet, facebook, or blog, make  sure to leave a comment below telling me where it is or I won’t know it exists!)

At the end of January, I’ll draw one winner to receive a personalized makeup lesson from me AND my top makeup product picks for you up to $200 in product value!

Eeeeeeeeeeek!  I’m SO ridiculously excited!  Are you?  Do you plan to take the challenge?  Are you mad I told you to grow a pair?  Do you have an idea on what to try?  Have you already started?  I CAN’T WAIT to read your comments!!!

29 Responses to “2011 is time to #shakeupyourmakeup …”

  1. OOOH! Okay, time for me to think about this! Fun!

  2. I’m gonna do it! Not sure what yet, probably actually wear lipstick! hahahaha, and I’m making everyone else do it too! I wanna win something darn it!

  3. 5 Brittany

    Love this!! Think I’m gonna try rocking a bright red lip because thats one of the only things I’m afraid to do! I can do a great rainbow eye with 7 colors, but wearing red on my lips scares me! If only I could afford Chanel Red Dragon now… 😛

    • A red lip would look awesome on you Brittany! Can’t wait to see

      • 7 Brittany

        Do I need to comment here every time I tweet it too?

        Here is my twitpic from day 1! http://twitpic.com/3n5nh2
        I tweeted it as well.

        And I know it’s “taboo” to wear bright lip with dramatic eye, but I’m much more comfortable wearing something thats NOT neutral! Maybe my challenge should be to tone it down, ha.

  4. 8 Lexi

    Oh dear! Is it weird that I just broke out in a cold sweat? I am a brave little toaster, I am a brave little toaster…

  5. 10 Heather G

    I am going to wear brown mascara (true love of ultra black). Afraid it will wash me out but gonna try it just for Miss Janine.

  6. I want to try a whole slew of things but I don’t know where to begin. I’d love to attempt a different look for my eyes…perhaps more intense? More color?

  7. 12 Alexis

    I am thinking of doing a whole 50’s glam type look BUT just about everything I find leaves the bottom lashes bare! I have sad, whimpy blonde lashes…is it going to look weird if I leave them naked(which freaks me out bc I’m a total mascara addict!)

    • Alexis: your observations are right… For a 50s look the under eye is really clean & bare. Don’t worry, it’s okay if you look like you have no lower lashes, because you get to use a ton of mascara on the top ones. And a really black clean liquid liner. Hot 🙂

  8. I’m in! I’ve been needing to learn to wear lipstick. I’ll have to think of something I can do different with my eyes, too – I’ve been wearing the exact same makeup every day for months now!

  9. I’m totally in. I think my first step will be eye shadow. I never wear it and would like to start.

  10. I was so excited to leave a comment that I spilled red wine
    all over the keyboard of my computer! <eeps! Anyway, I tried
    to "shake up my make-up" by doing plum mascara ~
    only to learn I am allergic to the red dye. 😥 I will
    need to look to you considering I hardly know how to put on
    anything but lip gloss. Oh, and did you see that @designblahg
    posted about her make-up extravaganza during the snow storm with

    • Oh no Amy! Your poor keyboard 😦 the red dye thing is a bummer, I’m allergic too. But it’s usually made from Carmine, which is a red dye made from crushed up beetles, so hopefully that makes you feel better about having to skip it. They’ll be lots of instruction coming up all month. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

  11. 18 makeupbyjanine

    Oooooh, thanks for the blog ideas ladies! I have at least two planned about eye shadow applications 🙂

    • 19 Lexi

      gross. That means I regularly wear crushed beetles near my eyeballs…

      • Not every brand uses it…. But yeah, probably. Wanna hear something grosser? It’s also what makes strawberry yogurt pink.

  12. Well I don’t really wear much makeup so I think I’m gonna
    try to make some time to actually apply it. Now if I only knew what
    the hell I was doing with a makeup brush! Hehe!

  13. http://twitpic.com/3ngyzu

    Day two! Also tweeted it!

  14. Well I’m in and I tweeted. But I need help figuring out what to do. I’m going to send you a private note, so you can help me brainstorm. I would love to come out of this with more confidence. 🙂

  15. I posted my first pic on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/f44EBJ

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