Alyssa: Fresh Face Friday


Welcome to Fresh Face Friday!  Each week, take a peek at what I’ve been doing with Wilhelmina Denver, the local branch of the internationally recognized modeling agency.  These Fresh Faces are part of Wilhelmina’s New Development group… newly scouted models with potential (and legs) for days.  For many of them, the photo shoots below are their first (I know, hard to believe, but its true).  These concepts were created by yours truly & the rest of the fab Wilhelmina Denver Creative Team: Brooke, Annette, Hilary, Tina & Courtney.

This is Alyssa.  My favorite thing about her photos was how well she connected with the camera.  She has kind of a piercing gaze, right?  I also heart that Hilary put her in pigtails for the commercial shoot, and the contrast of that to how sophisticated she shot for fashion.  Gorge.  Annnd, I kinda think she looks like Hermione.  Yep, I’m a dork.


for Wilhelmina Denver

Alyssa Vercler . . . model

Brooke Fogg . . . President

Annette Schowers . . . Director of New Development

Kellie Lemmel . . . New Development Intern

Hilary Hackney . . . Hair Styling

Tina Gill . . . Commercial Wardrobe Styling

Janine Schmenk . . . Makeup/ Fashion Wardrobe Styling

Courtney Roxanne . . . Fashion & Beauty Photography

Jessica Grenier . . . Commercial Photography

So what do you think?  What’s this model’s best feature?  Is she a dead ringer for someone?  Do you have a favorite look?  Favorite photo?  I love reading your thoughts below . . .



One Response to “Alyssa: Fresh Face Friday”

  1. Totally reminds me of Emma Watson. Totally.

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