All summer long I focus on how makeup can enhance the faces of brides, using it to bring out their natural beauty.  The goal is for them to look like the best possible version of themselves.  Recognizable to family & friends, with just a little fancy-ness thrown in.  Love it.

And then there’s the photo shoots. . .

When I work with the Wilhelmina Denver creative team, the goal here is the transformative power of makeup.  How can we take one model, and in four photo shoots, showcase her versatility?  A bright & edgy beauty look, an attainable commercial look, a moody dark fashion look, an a fresh-faced farm-girl look give Leila the opportunity to appeal to more clients…

…and I get the opportunity to try to make one girl like like four different ones (not to mention alternately bleaching out, filling in, and otherwise transforming brows, which as you know I am OBSESSED with).

beauty & fashion photography: Courtney Roxanne for Wilhelmina Denver

commercial photography: Jessica Grenier for Wilhelmina Denver

With 10-16 new models shooting each month, I have TONS of photos to blog!  Look for “Fresh Face Friday” on the blog, where I’ll share some photos of the new talent at Wilhelmina… with makeup by me, of course.

Thoughts?  Which is your favorite look on Leila?  Any looks you’d like to see in the future?


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