why shoot the makeup artist?


Confession: I detest having my photo taken.  I’m not sure why . . . I think it has something to do with working on so many photo shoots.  I’ve spent so much time watching models perfecting their angles, knowing where the light is, slightly changing their expression to create an amazing image.  News flash:  I am not a model (I know, shocking).  In my head I know what it takes to make a great photo, but I have no idea how to do it myself.  Thus, the extreme photo-taking anxiety.

Recently I was privileged to work with some of Colorado’s best wedding photographers at a “wedding details” workshop hosted by Mile High Photographers.  Images coming soon, but in the meantime you can see some of the photos from the day on Colorado Wedding Style here.

Anywho, after the shoot I was standing around talking to some of my favorite ladies: Autumn Burke, Katie Thurmes, & Jenna Walker (who just happen to be SO uber-talented that they were teaching the workshop.  Rockstars.)  They were shooting the model brides & grooms, when, suddenly, Katie said, “Can I take your photo?”  Whaaaa…?  Me???  Before I could protest, I had my own personal paparazzi snapping away as three lenses took aim.

I should’ve been terrified, and I’m sure I looked completely awkward, but. . . MAJOR CONFESSION:  it was FUN!  I’m being serious here.  I totally had a supermodel moment.  And the resulting photo below is kinda good, no?  Moral of the story?  It occured to me that this is how brides must feel.  Everyone should feel beautiful and amazing on their wedding day in front of the camera.  Thanks to Autumn, Jenna & Katie I got to feel that way 7 months before the wedding too.  XO

What about you?  Do you run from the camera like me?  How did you get over it?

5 Responses to “why shoot the makeup artist?”

  1. LOVE this photo of you! Gorge!

    I too, detest having my picture taken. Last week, I had to suck it up and deal with it. And I actually had fun. I guess when we relax & let the photographers capture our essence, it’s not so scary after all.

  2. Beautiful image. Kudos to you and Autumn!

  3. You look gorgeous! 🙂 You always look ready for a photo shoot in my opinion. (Well, maybe at 5 a.m. in the morning, but that was just torture!) I see a new social media picture in your future, friend! 🙂

  4. Thanks ladies!!!

    Ang, I dont know what Tawsha was thinking, but that 5am meeting was BRUTAL. I swear I was still sleeping on my way there… probably why I drove the wrong way!

  5. Wonderful picture, and I’m not surprised that it looks so good. You are one of a kind and it shows in this picture. LOVE.IT.

    And, I have my photo being taken as well. I always have this lazy-eye thing going on. And I’ve never been diagnosed with a lazy eye. Go figure. 🙂

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