three hair trends I’m dying over…


So “Fresh Face Friday” will have to wait until next week because I’m waiting on some photographs from one of the shoots…

Instead I thought i’d blog about my obsession du jour: hair! hair! hair! hair! long glorious hair! *insert Andrew Lloyd Webber music*

Yes, I know I’m a makeup artist, and no, I don’t moonlight as a hairstylist.  But right now I’m obsessed with hair trends.  If I pull out my good ol’ psych degree and try to analyze why… its probably because I’m growing mine out for the wedding and getting the itch to switch it up.  This is the longest stretch of hair-monogamy I’ve ever entered into.  And its pretty torturous.  Here are the looks teasing me, sending me flirty looks, attempting to lure me into a torrid affair…

1.) the start-behind-the-ears, so-far-back-i’m-almost-a-mullet-bangs

seen here on Gretchen Jones from Project Runway

images from

2.) the i’m-so-cool-i-don’t-have-time-to-care-topknot

Hilary Duff at the MTV awards

Nicole from Bravo’s “Work of Art”

April from Project Runway

and my favorite…

3.) the recessionista grown-out-roots (actually an intentional technique called color-melting)

(okay, no, i didn’t make this collage. its from the Forever 21 blog, which btw is the most fabulous fashion blog evvvvvs)

What do you think of these trends?  Would you wear any of them?  Which one should I try?

2 Responses to “three hair trends I’m dying over…”

  1. I kind of love that my untrimmed grown out dye job might be considered “recessionista”. Now I can pretend my combo of laziness and being cheap is actually fashion sense. Thanks for bringing this to my attention 🙂

  2. 2 Carol

    I really love all the little hair styles that Gretchen pulls off. She’s done the messy bun as well! I’m thinking try the fringe! I would myself but my hair is quite thin so I won’t be able to get much volume into it I don’t think. 😦

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