Project Runway: Pre-Season Previews & Predictions


Project Runway: Pre-Season Previews & Predictions

Its that time again . . . Project Runway Season 7 premieres tonight!  I took the time to review all the cast videos of their home and closet tours, and based on those, have compiled some of my insights and opinions about the designers.

Ben Chmura

Inspired by. . . Kid Robot, vintage ties, Tom Ford, graphic tees, Salvation Army, mid-century furniture, Hedi Slimane, and bright sneakers.

What keeps him in. . . Ben definitely has killer personal style.  Plus, he’s a good friend of my friend Kate, so he comes with recommendations.

What may get him auf’d . . . the boy loves color: all his walls are bright, curtains patterned, and he even mentioned his love for (gulp) neon.  I love color too, but he’ll need

prediction?. . . nothing in his closet was designed by him, so its hard to tell about his work.  There was an unfinished blue strapless dress on a manne that looked promising.  Beautiful blue color and wearable shape.  And he speaks with a lot of passion about everything in his house and wardrobe.  So I’m gonna say, he’s in.

Amy Sarabi

Inspired by . . . her Iranian culture

What keeps her in . . . well it looks like she has a full workroom of pieces, so at least she has made some stuff (I’m grasping at straws here).

What may get her auf’d . . . by her own admission, she wears black tops and jeans every day.  And she said shoes were (gulp) not important?!?  She showed a dress with a tin can print, hardware as jewelry, and “Texas style” belts.  Her walls are all white, her closet all black.  And we all know how Nina feels about black on the runway . . .

prediction? . . . she doesn’t seem funny or bitchy enough to be the character they keep in just for the drama.  Unless she surprises me with some killer designs, she’ll slide by safe until shes auf’d.

Anna Lynett

Inspired by . . . items that friends have made for her, maps and globes, drawing and graphic design.

What keeps her in . . . her neutral, somewhat mousy personal style reminds me a little of Leanne Marshall from season 5, who turned out to be one of my faves.  And the architextural embroidery on her pillows and tees is cool.

What may get her auf’d. . . her shoes remind me of an italian grandfather: all handmade leather, but made for utility and not style.

Prediction? . . . Its possible she’s one of those genius math brains that turns out some awesome work.  Just don’t stock the Macy’s accessory wall w/ ugly shoes. . .

Anthony Williams

Inspired by . . . signed Manolo Blanik sketch pad, cable knit Ralph Lauren bedding, un-mated socks, Dorothy’s ruby slippers, a thrift store plaid blazer, his own ample rear end.

What keeps him in . . . well, I want him to be my new best friend.  He is hilarious drama for days.

What may get him auf’d. . . he seems like a talker, so hopefully he curbs his chattyness long enough to finish his designs.

Prediction? . . . the most entertaining cast member by far, the producers will keep him around as long as possible.  If he’s good, he’ll be like Jay from Season One and win.  If he’s not, he’ll be like Christopher from Season 6:  the one we can’t get rid of.

Christiane King

Inspired by . . . her backyard, handmade asian furniture, fresh flowers, cowboy boots, her “expensive” taste.

What keeps her in . . . her “late to bed, early to rise” work ethic, supreme self confidence, and technical precision go far in ProRo.

What may get her auf’d. . . girl’s in charge!  Everytime her husband goes to Home Depot (which she hates), he has to bring her home a bouquet of flowers.  Hear that whip crack?  Her bossy demeanor will not go over well in team challenges.

Prediction? . . . her “love to hate” personality will keep her in for a while.  She likes to play Wii boxing, and when she does go home, it won’t be before stirring up lots of fights.

Emilio Sosa

Inspired by . . . the color red, shoe collecting, remodeling his NYC home, silver lame motorcycle jacket, members only jackets.

What keeps him in . . . his lovable personality will make him a fan-favorite.

What may get him auf’d. . . the preview shows Tim warning him he wont finish.

Prediction? . . . he’ll run into trouble with time, and either be in the bottom three because of it, or pull it off to be in the top.

Janeane Ceccanti

Inspired by . . . painting, her indoor potted garden

What keeps her in . . . her awesome name, of course! and her creativity and sunshiney attitude.

What may get her auf’d . . . her studio and closet look like organized chaos, so she’ll need to stay focused.

Prediction? . . . She is the only one I saw who had items in her closet she actually designed!  I have a good feeling about this girl . . .

Jay Sario

Inspired by . . . art books, his boyfriend’s pottery, mixing vintage and new, and clothing details.

What keeps him in . . . his sketches are unbelievable!  And he has the most amazing style, from his home to his closet.  His extensive wardrobe really showcases his understanding of layering, accessories, designers, and fashion history.

What may get him auf’d . . . not sure yet.  Really, can’t think of a thing.

Prediction? . . . One to watch, for sure.

Jesse LeNoir

Inspired by . . . american flags, americana, WWII, his fiancee.

What keeps him in . . . he has a design company already.

What may get him auf’d . . . his design company only makes tee shirts.

Prediction? . . . he has a very interesting personal style, and his graphic designs look creative.  But his answer to making shorts (“just cut off a pair of pants”) has me worried.  And how much women’s wear has he really done?

Jesus Estrada

Inspired by . . . his mother, rosaries, swap mart fabrics, and the occasion in which something is worn.

What keeps him in . . . he wakes up every Sunday at 7am to go fabric shopping with his Mom.  Not a talent, but its just so darn cute!

What may get him auf’d . . . He’s used to designing with his twin brother, so it may be difficult without him.

Pediction? . . . He’s pretty green, having recently graduated from design school.  And if his first design is any indication, he’s a hot mess!

Jonathan Peters

Inspired by . . . his green kitchen walls, his giant bathroom, a boater hat his friend made, a Thai charm blessed by monks,

What keeps him in . . . he’s funny and charming, very organized, and pays close attention to aesthetics, from having his laundry sent out to perfecting his hair.

What may get him auf’d . . . not sure about his confidence level, so a critique from Tim may send him into a tailspin.

Pediction? . . . if last season was all about the girls, this season is for the boys, and Jonathan is another one I like.

Maya Luz

Inspired by . . . music (she’s a DJ), ball and chains, chinoiserie, 1920’s, Mod, granny boots, moccasins, vintage tees, cropped jackets, weapons.

What keeps her in . . . her POV is very strong.  It looks like you’ll be able to pick out pieces designed by her from a mile away.

What may get her auf’d . . . she’s an accessories designer, so we’ll see how that translates to the ProRo challenges.

Prediction? . . . Anyone who wears a sweater w/ spiky shoulders is alright with me. I like her. I hope she sticks around

Mila Hermanovski

Inspired by . . . urban environments, black & white, graphic shapes, modern art & design

What keeps her in . . . holy crap this girl can shop! Its cliche to say “her closet is bigger than my apartment” but in this woman’s case its true.  She’s also lived through a few more decades than most, so she has an vast understanding of trends (as seen in her archive of a closet).

What may get her auf’d . . . I didnt see a studio in her video, unlike every other contestant.  Hmmm . . .

Prediction? . . . Her sharp eye can spot a good design a mile away.  But can she make one?

Pamela Ptak

Inspired by . . . ancient swords, antiques & chochkies, old books, butterfly wings.

What keeps her in . . . her showroom had a lot of designs on dress forms, so she’s been working.  She also has a lot of ideas.

What may get her auf’d . . . double you tee eff is she wearing??? oh I wish you could see, it a hot pink tee with a white dress shirt knotted in the front.  yes, knotted.  like circa 1989.

Prediction? . . . honestly, it seems as though she’s a bored housewife with a hobby and delusions of being a “designer”.  She called her work couture, and it looks like a design student.  she’s auf, due to lack of experience.

Ping Wu

Inspired by . . . sculpture, her footprints, minimalism, Chanel, and pants from around the world: Chinese hand embroidered pants, maternity pants for men, and see-thru pajama pants of her own design.

What keeps her in . . . she’s the required kooky designer with the crazy ideas.  There’s one in every season.

What may get her auf’d . . . if the challenge requires designing something someone would actually wear.

Prediction? . . . she’ll be great for a laugh, but not in the final six.

Seth Aaron H

Inspired by . . . his kids, rock & roll, velvet blazers, skinny jeans, and his fave: hardware.

What keeps him in . . . he produces 200-400 garments a year.  So you could call this guy experienced.

What may get him auf’d . . .  he said he was packing “at the last minute”, so he may be a procrastinator.  Or it could mean that he’s good under pressure.

Prediction? . . . I like his rock and roll vibe.  And as I read somewhere, Seth is to hardware what Stella was to leatha, so this could be interesting.

Look for my Top Six predictions after the episode!


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