Best of 2009: RIP Discontinued Makeup Products


Best of 2009: RIP Discontinued Makeup Products

You know how every year at the Oscars they have a tribute photo montage to the movie industry people who passed away in the previous year?  In 2009, there were a few favorites from my makeup kit that bit the proverbial dust, and I’d like to pay tribute to them as well.

There were many brands that retired some makeup horses from their stable, but for this post I’m focusing on AVEDA.  I’ve worked with this line for eight years now (many of my salon clients carry it), and they have a strong committment to constantly updating their formulas to coincide with environmental breakthroughs.  I love that about AVEDA.  It also means that their makeup items aren’t around for long.  Fortunately, they always come out with something better, and the January launch looks to be amazing.  Before I start celebrating the new collection, though, I’d like to take a pause to honor the trusty items I was constantly grabbing for to delight clients in 2009. (cue violins . . . )

Top 9 AVEDA Products I’ll Miss from 2009

Uruku Lip & Cheek Creme in Solara: Your sheer bronze color was perfect for the client with a ruddy skin tone who didn’t want a pink blush.  Because of your dual uses, you helped me convince clients who didn’t wear cheek & lip color that adding it to their routine was easy, fast, and inexpensive.

Flax Sticks Smudger Brush:  I couldn’t do a smoky eye without you.  I’m glad you’ll still be around in the Special Effects Brush Set, but no longer can I tell clients it’s the one brush they need to have.

Petal Essence Eye Color in Sunset:  You were such a rich, intense coppery shadow that made blue eyes pop from across the room.  In applications from subtle to smoky, I’ll miss your versatility.

Uruku Lip Color in Sheer Ivory Nut:  You were the always reached for “nude lip”.  Matte yet still creamy, beige without being grey, light but not washed-out.  “Angelina” lips will never be the same.

Bronze Patina Cheek Tint:  You knew how much I loved a creme blush, and delivered a warm, radiant glow every time.  Your gigantic size never ran out, which is probably why we never sold any . . .

Agate Eye Liner:  Your medium brown color had just enough orange to harmonize with a warm palette, without making eyes look red.  Your creamy texture made it easy to give more mature guests a softly defined eye, escaping any harsh lines.

Uruku Eye Creme in Duna:  Your sheer wash of shimmering gold was beautiful.  Both on its own for a subtle metallic eye, or as a shadow primer with a little added sparkly dimension.

Lip Glaze in Pepino:  Your shockingly acidic coral-pink color scared clients in the tube.  But you went on the lips sheer, and your bright color lit up a face in a modern, youthful way.

Petal Essence Blush in Lotus:  A red lip calls for a super subtle cheek, and you were there with your soft whisper of nude color.  You helped tomato red lips look amazing on the fairest of skin tones, with out the retro look of pink cheeks.

Goodbye my friends!  Thanks for the makeup memories. . .

(The products with hyper-links were still available on the AVEDA website at the time of publication.  You can also search for an AVEDA location here, and call ahead to see if they still have the product in stock.)

Between Thursday, December 24th and Sunday, January 3rd the makeupbyjanine blog will be breaking from its usual daily topics to bring you a “Best of 2009” series of blog posts.  Happy New Year!

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