The “I-Slept-Through-My-Alarm” Look: Monday Minute Makeup Lesson


Monday Minute Makeup Lesson

The “I-Slept-Through-My-Alarm” Look

We’ve all done it.  Maybe you accidently hit PM instead of AM.  Or maybe you are just a really deep sleeper.  Whatever the reason, sometimes you find yourself with somewhere to be and almost no time to get ready.  But just because you overslept, doesn’t mean you should look like it all day.  Thats when having a super-fast makeup plan comes in handy.

1.)  Apply a tinted moisturizer

This is the one time I’m going to excuse this, but if your skin is dry, you can skip washing.  If you are oily and/or acne prone, you need to cleanse to avoid looking greasy later in the day.  But a minimal makeup look is not gonna fly with dull looking skin, so just this once, the added dewy-ness from your leftover night creme will give a little extra glow.  I love the idea of a tinted moisturizer for makeup in a hurry because it combines the coverage of a foundation, the hydration of a moisturizer, and the SPF of a sunscreen in one step.  Apply with fingertips and blend well.

2.)  Conceal around eyes

To avoid looking as sleepy and bleary-eyed as you feel, apply concealer under your eyes.  You can also cover any blemishes or redness the tinted moisturizer missed.  For this look, I also recommend concealer over the whole eyelid, up to the brow.  This covers any redness or darkness, and also gives the eyes a highlight, making them look larger and wide awake.  That way you can get away with skipping liner and shadow, creating a clean, natural-but-better eye.

3.)  Mascara on lashes

On a normal day, I like to wiggle my brush through my lashes, building volume at the base, adding length with multiple coats, separating and defining each lash.  But on early mornings I don’t have time.  If you are frequently in a hurry, it’s a good idea to have a bold, lengthening mascara in extra black so you can do one swipe.

4.)  Blush on cheeks

You didn’t think I was gonna let you out the door without cheek color, did you?  This is the single most important thing to put on to look alive.  You can even use a cheek & lip creme combo to save you extra seconds if you like.

5.)  Lip color

To look put-together pretty much instantly, this look depends on a bold lip color.  Think about it:  eye makeup takes a lot more time to do than lipstick, and thats time you don’t have.  A focus on the lip makes the bare eye look intentional.  I know, I know, its scary . . . but maybe its time to get over it.  You can choose what ever color you like: pink, berry, red, plum.  It just needs to be significantly brighter or deeper than your natural lip color.  Take you favorite lip color to the store, and tell them you want a bolder version of that hue.  When you find the right one, it will instantly light up your face.

Things that are different take some getting used to, it may take wearing this look a few times to adjust to seeing yourself looking a different way.  All the compliments you’ll get should make it easier.  You never know, you may find yourself hitting snooze more often. . .

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