“Freaks and Geeks” Monday Minute Makeup Lesson


Monday Minute Makeup Lesson

“Freaks and Geeks”

Where do you hide holiday gifts in a modern, relatively-minimalist loft?  That was my conundrum last week when I came home smuggling a Santa’s sleigh full of gifts for my bf.  While searching under the bed for a hiding hole, I came across my middle-school yearbooks.  Oh the horror. . .

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have many fond memories of my adolescence.  But the heat wave of embarrassment-slash-nausea came from my 14 year old image on the page, staring back at me with the most horrendous makeup I have ever seen.

As a makeup artist, its possible to start assuming there are certain things about makeup that everyone knows.  This happens to those in many professions who acquire a wealth of knowledge about one subject; the most basic things act as a shared starting point .  But just because it is obvious to a professional, does not mean a lay-person will follow.  Hence the reason the IT guys speak to you in what seems like another language, and you have to google every fifth word out of your doctor’s mouth.

Seeing that old pic reminded me that there was a time when I was just as clueless about makeup as anyone else.  And I may not be the only one.  So for today’s Monday Minute Makeup Lesson, I’d like to take a (humiliating) walk down memory lane and share with you some Do’s and Don’ts from my past.

Don’t wear brown lip liner to trace the border of your lips.  Yes, there was a time that MAC Spice pencil was on every “must have” list.  But it only looked good on Brenda and Kelly, and there is a whole new cast in Beverly Hills now.  In fact, a good rule in general may be to avoid the makeup trends seen on shows no longer on the air.

Do use lip liner to increase the longevity/opacity/intensity of your gloss or lip color.  On dry lips, line your lips, and then completely fill them in with the liner.  Liner is the longest-lasting of all lip products, so this will ensure that as your lip gloss fades, you wont be left with a ring of liner around your lips. Top with something moisturizing (because liner is not).  Use a little lip balm for a creamy, opaque lipstick look, or layer your liner under gloss for a shiny lip with added color pay-off and staying power.

Don’t over-tweeze your brows.  If they resemble a tadpole in any way, you need an intervention.  Same goes if you’ve created a Klingon-sized forehead by tweezing out the beginning of your brows.

Do keep the shape you were born with. Tweezers are for cleaning up strays.  Anything beyond that should be done by a professional.

Don’t use light frosty eye shadow all over your lids.  It makes you look like you went skiing with goggles and forgot your SPF.  It also washes out your face, and can make your eyelids look flat or puffy (depending on your eye shape).

Do choose a color slightly lighter than your skin tone to highlight below your brows, and on your inner corners.  Give your eyes depth and definition by applying a deeper shade in the crease or along the lash line.

and finally. . .

Don’t apply foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick and leave your cheeks bare.  It looks incomplete, and a lack of cheek color gives the impression you are unhealthy.

Do wear cheek color!  No one’s face is naturally all one shade, so color on your cheeks makes your foundation look more natural.  You can also sweep color over your forehead, nose and chin for more dimension.

Enough reminiscing.  I’m stashing the yearbooks back under the bed.  And no, not with the gifts . . . keep looking honey!

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