“Mascara of the Month” Tar-zhay Thursday


“Tar-zhay” Thursday

I’m not usually one to succumb to peer pressure.  Let me offer an example: I live in a town where it is not only acceptable, but common, to wear polar fleece Patagonia out for cocktails.  At the very same bar, I am most likely wearing a leopard print skirt and a peacock feather in my hair.  Recently, though, I gave in.  No no no, not to the fleece!  (seriously? please.)  It was the constant raving over the newest $30-a-tube mascara.

So many of my makeup artist friends told me how ah-may-zing it was and how I had to have it. . . that I eventually gave in.  Ugh.  Never again.  It was the clumpiest mascara I have used in my life.  So horrible, in fact, that I had to discretely pull out the remover and take it off the bride I had bought it for.  Yes, it was that bad.

Let me share a makeup artist secret with you:  a new mascara will not change your life.  Have you ever heard that the “makeup artist favorite” is the classic pink and green tube of Maybelline Great Lash?  Well it is, but not because it has secret powers mere mortals don’t know about.  It because it is cheap, $4.99 for a two-pack. And makeup artists go through mascara like beer at a fraternity house.  On film sets its not uncommon to go through a tube each day.

lashblast_length_mascara_1So what do I use on myself?  You guessed it.  I hit up my local drugstore and grab a tube of the cheap stuff.  Since mascara needs to be replaced every three months, I like to try a new one each time, perhaps with the hope that I will stumble upon those magic powers some day.  Today I’m recommending Covergirl’s new Lash-Blast Length.  I have tried previous incarnations of the Lash Blast franchise, but I found the jumbo-sized brush hard to work with.  Lash Blast length has the lengthening you would expect, with enough flexibility in the brush to also define and separate.  That means no clumps, which makes me a happy camper. . . happy enough to ignore the peer pressure for a while longer.


One Response to ““Mascara of the Month” Tar-zhay Thursday”

  1. 1 Joanna

    Yay Maybelline Great Lash! The new fatty brush is awesome too!

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