Introducing Thursday’s Blog Topic:


Introducing Thursday’s Blog Topic:

“Tar-zhay Thursday”


Ahhhh the big red bulls-eye. . . it beckons us from the parking lot.  Yes, we may use an excuse, “I need to pick up a prescription. . . something for dinner. . . school supplies for the kids.”  But we all know that Target (or “Tar-zhay” as my family likes to pronounce it) is the best place for a guilt-free indulgence.  Something small and inexpensive always manages to sneak its way into the cart:  the new Taylor Swift CD, rhinestone bobby pins, the US Weekly w R-Patz on the cover.   Lest we get caught spending money on ourselves, the handy phrase “I got it at Target!” is there to erase the shame.

As a makeup artist, I field questions about product from clients, friends, neighbors. . . people I barely know.  Nervously eyeing my kit full of pricey products, they inevitably ask some version of this question:  “So. . . do I have to spend that much on my products?  Is it really worth it?”  The answer?  It depends. . .

I freely admit that I can be a product snob.  There are a few things that I think are absolutely worth their price, let alone their weight in gold, because the performance and benefits differ significantly from lesser-quality versions.  Items like moisturizer, foundation, makeup brushes, and the eye colors you wear daily are well worth the investment.  But do I occasionally pick up a Wet-n-Wild $.99 Electric Blue eyeliner?  Why not?  It follows the “cost-per-wear” concept used so often for wardrobe.  Same reason we spend beaucoup bucks on the fab Marc Jacobs bag we will carry everyday, but buy our artsy multi-colored scarves at Forever 21.

Every Thursday, the makeupbyjanine blog will search out a drugstore makeup item that I would be proud having in my kit.  Hopefully we can save where we can, so that we can splurge on the $400 Creme de la Mer.  Because a little healthy indulgence never hurt anyone. . .

One Response to “Introducing Thursday’s Blog Topic:”

  1. 1 Joanna

    And NO ONE should be buying $400 jar of creme de la mar!

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