blog sweet blog. . .


so apparently my twitter isnt cutting it to fill my need to share.  i know, shocking, right?  me?  over-sharing?  *gasp*  no way!

okay, i know you aren’t falling off your chair in surprise that a social media addict like me wants to stretch beyond 140 characters.

but fear not tweeps, im not leaving you!

this blog will provide an easily archive-able, permanent place to muse about makeup.  im also going to try a slightly more structured format, where topics will stay consistent each day of the week, i.e. “fix-your-face friday”.  ill throw in additional posts when i have something to talk about.  hey, i need somewhere to put all the fashion week photos, award-show critiques and runway gushing, right?

my other reason for birthing a blog?  i want a place i can send clients to learn a little more about me.  my facebook is for social reasons, and i like it that way.  but i feel like clients, brides especially, may want some info. . . without having to see my latest Living Social quiz about “what twilight character are you?”  (alice, btw, but i digress)

so, if you’ve followed me from twitter or facebook, thanks!  ill try to provide content you wont see there.  hopefully youll want to keep reading.  if not, well, i guess thatll be pretty embar. . .

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